Methodist Evangelism


This course discusses biblical and theological foundations for evangelism, the history of Wesleyan revival practices, and ideas about what it means to live evangelistically.  The course provides a valuable resource for shaping the evangelistic ministry of individuals and the renewal of the church.

The Lessons

  1. Language - Achim Härtner (35:18)
    The Nature of Evangelism - W. Stephen Gunter (29:46)
  2. The God of the Bible and Evangelism - Scott J. Jones (30:57)
    Biblical Foundations: The Old Testament - Laceye Warner (33:05)
  3. Biblical Foundations: The New Testament - Walter Klaiber (58:33)
  4. The Trinity and the Practice of Evangelism - Winston Worrell (53:26) 
  5. Christological Foundations of Evangelism, Part 1 - Henry Knight (28:59)
    Christological Foundations of Evangelism, Part 2 - Elaine Heath (22:59)
  6. Ecclesiology - Joon-Sik Park (33:02)
    Renewal Movement Ecclesiology - Sergei V. Nikolaev (25:26)
  7. Sin and Salvation: A Western Perspective - Scott Kisker (25:35)
    Sin and Salvation: An African Perspective - Tumani Nyajeka (40:54)
  8. Practices of the Wesleyan Revival, Part 1 - Paul W. Chilcote (27:53)
    Practices of the Wesleyan Revival, Part 2 - F. Douglas Powe, Jr. (21:52)
  9. Evangelism and Culture - Joy J. Moore (46:23)
  10. Living Evangelistically - Bryan Stone (31:08)
    Lessons from las Casas - Edgardo Colón-Emeric (27:41)
  11. Ecumenical and Interreligious Concerns - Priscilla Pope-Levison (56:08)
  12. The Great Commission - Ronald K. Crandall (56:49)



These courses are more academic than other Wesley Ministry Network courses because they are intended for the training of clergy and other church leaders. These courses are suitable for any group that wants to look in-depth at Methodist history, doctrine, and evangelism. There is a lay education version that condenses the content into lessons that foster conversation and spiritual growth for lay groups.

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