Simply Christian


This course addresses questions of the reasonableness of the Christian faith in the modern world. It features N. T. Wright and is based on his best-selling book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense. In this course, Wright begins by exploring what seem to be universal longings – for justice and relationship, spirituality and beauty – and goes on to simply and powerfully explain the core of Christian faith.

The Lessons

  1. Simply Christian Introduction (20:45)
  2. Justice & Spirituality (16:30)
  3. Relationships & Beauty (15:22)
  4. God (16:47)
  5. Israel (17:24)
  6. Jesus (19:49)
  7. The Holy Spirit (16:27)
  8. Worship & Prayer (18:43)
  9. Scripture (18:33)
  10. Church & New Creation (18:37)


An excellent course for both established believers and seekers.  It can be used with or without the Simply Christian book.

Sample Lesson

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