Journey Through the Psalms


Take an in-depth look at the book of Psalms with Denise Dombkowski Hopkins. Learn to approach God with the emotional honesty of the ancient Psalmists so as to bring the Psalms to life for prayer and worship. Dr. Hopkins considers both the text and artwork that it has inspired.

The Lessons

  1. Praying the Psalms, Praying into Wholeness (14:23)
  2. The Synagogue, the Church, and the Psalms (14:40)
  3. Your Hallelujahs Don’t Have to be Hollow Anymore (13:28)
  4. You Get What You Deserve, Don’t You? (11:45)
  5. Complaining in Faith to God (10:59)
  6. Life in the Meanwhile (9:46)
  7. The Lord Reigns: Enthronement Psalms (11:13)
  8. I’ll Never Be the Same Again (6:08)


Journey Through the Psalms is devotionally focused and appeals to a wide audience. Advanced students may want to read the Journey Through the Psalms book in connection with the course.

Sample Lesson

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