In God's Time: The Bible and the Future


This course offers a faithful and credible Christian alternative to sensationalist perspectives on the Bible’s teaching about the End Times. Dr. Craig Hill encourages Christians to take seriously the hope of God's ultimate victory while avoiding the pitfalls of many popular understandings.

The Lessons

  1. Are We There Yet? (16:52)
  2. The History of the Future (17:59)
  3. The Covenant Future (16:32)
  4. Apocalypse Then (20:03)
  5. Between the Testaments (20:39)
  6. Daniel (21:21)
  7. Revelation (18:13)
  8. Jesus and the Things to Come (22:22)
  9. The Once and Future Kingdom (22:41)
  10. Conclusion: Hope Unseen (20:27)


In God’s Time is an “upper-level” course and is recommended for students with some background in biblical studies, such as graduates of the Disciple Bible Study program.The In God’s Time book is an optional but helpful addition to the course.

Sample Lesson


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