Getting Started/ Preparing for Online Learning

Blackboard 9.1 is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a comprehensive tool set for developing and delivering courses over the Internet at Wesley Theological Seminary. To access your course via Blackboard, log into MyWesley and click the second box labeled on the right side of the screen. 

You can also  log into Blackboard at  If you login here you will need to enter 'wts' in front of your username.  Example, wtsjwesley1234.

What technical stuff does a student need to know to take an online class?

  • Knowledge of Windows or Mac OS
  • Ability to use a web browser and Internet connection (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Ability to use email
  • Ability to copy, save, and manipulate files in Windows or Mac OS

Computer / equipment requirements

Students must have regular and reliable access to a computer with broadband internet connectivity that can stream video and audio. Courses may also require hardware such as a headset with microphone for web conferencing.

Any computer capable of running a recently updated web browser should be sufficient to access your online course. However, the computer processor speed, amount of RAM and Internet connection speed can all factor in to affect performance.

Blackboard 9.1 supported browsers include: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Google Chrome is compatible, but not officially approved by Blackboard.  For detailed technical information on supported browsers and operating systems, visit:

Internet access

Online courses perform best when using a high speed Internet connection. Cable and DSL connections are strongly recommended for those taking online courses. Those using dial-up connections will experience longer page load times and much slower performance when accessing their online course.  Students using Dial-up connections will not be able to participate in web conferencing sessions.   Many locations offer free high speed Internet access, including the Wesley computer lab and DC public libraries.

Blackboard Support
(202) 885 6091
On campus extension 6091
Trott T-211A

Or submit a help ticket here.

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