Family Permanent Resident Housing

Wesley is pleased to welcome married couples and families with children to campus housing! We understand the diversity of our student backgrounds and offer different options to suit your needs. Our Carroll Residence Hall is equipped with efficiency, one and two-bedroom apartments. Newly married students and married couples or single parents of one to three children currently call Carroll home. Some families participate in the student pastor program and commute to a second residence, but most of our Carroll residents consider their on-campus apartment to be their permanent residence.

Students may select the type of apartment to best suit their needs. One bedroom apartments are typically the selection for married couples and married couples with one child (usually a younger child). For families with more than one child or older children, the two-bedroom option is the one for you! All apartments include a small kitchen with sink, disposal, stove, oven, refrigerator and cabinet space and a bathroom with bathtub/shower, sink and toilet.

All apartments are furnished, carpeted and have window drapes. Wesley furniture and drapes are not permitted to be removed from campus apartments, and therefore cannot be stored. If you are planning on bringing additional furniture items, please consult the floor plans to ensure your items will fit in your apartment. 

Carroll apartments include wall-unit air conditioners (user-controlled) and baseboard heaters (building-controlled). The campus and residence halls are configured for wireless internet and stoves are electric. The seminary participates in a recycling program and student residents utilize trash and recycling receptacles in the Wesley parking lot. Students may elect to participate in land-line phone service for a monthly fee. All other utilities are included in rental rates.

One of the greatest conveniences about living on campus is the security that house-related maintenance is never on our students’ to-do lists. Whether it’s a bathroom light that needs to be replaced or a problem with your sink disposal, Facilities assistance is only an email away!

Campus mailboxes are available to Carroll Residents (key deposit required), as are coin-operated washers and dryers, large community deep-freezers, and small storage units (approximately 4’x4’x4’).  Carroll Residence Hall also has a small playground, best suited for children ages 3-8. Basic cable channels can be accessed digitally, or students may elect to watch television or movies on Wesley’s large-screen satellite cable TV located in the Welliver Lounge of Straughn Dormitory.

Students may park one vehicle (car or motorcycle) on campus by obtaining a parking permit from the Business Office. Parking permits for second vehicles may be obtained with an additional fee. Many of our campus residents do not bring vehicles to seminary but instead take advantage of the efficient public transportation options available here. Wesley Seminary is approximately 1 mile from the Tenleytown metro stop (Red Line), and students may access the American University shuttle, just a short distance away instead of walking. There are also several metro bus stops very nearby.

Rental Terms & Eligibility

Rental terms for apartments are determined by the Office of Housing, but typically begin the Saturday prior to New Student Orientation in the Fall and run through May 15th. Students may elect to renew their rental agreement over the summer months and following school semesters with no gap between terms. Many residents decide after moving to Wesley that their Carroll apartment will be their home for the entire duration of their degree and remain in residence for several years.

If you are commencing your studies in the Spring term, please inquire about the availability of apartments.

Eligible applicants for Carroll Family apartments are Wesley students enrolled in a Master’s degree program and carry a courseload of 7 credits or more per Fall and Spring terms.  There is no courseload requirement for Summer terms. Straight and gay couples applying to reside together must have a valid marriage certificate. Student residents are not permitted to keep pets in campus housing.

Associated Housing Fees for Family Housing

For a listing of all rental rates, please consult the Housing Rates page. Apartment rent is due on the 15th of the month in the Business Office. Rental rates for the term (fall, spring, summer I & II) are assessed to student accounts at the beginning of the semester, and students' monthly payments pay down the balance.  Fall and Spring semesters are billed at 4.5 months each and Summer I and II terms are billed at 1.5 months each.

Telephone Installation Fee $40.00
Monthly Telephone Fee $15.00
Mailbox Key Deposit $25.00
Housing Deposit $200.00
Coin-Operated Washing (per load) $1.25
Coin-Operated Drying (per load) $1.00
Parking Permit (first) included in student fee
Parking Permit (second) $100.00 per year


Apply Now!


If Family Housing at Wesley sounds like a good fit for your family, please use the Permanent Resident Housing Application.  If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment to view an apartment (dependent on availability), contact the Office of Housing.

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