Gifting Shares of Stock

Thank you for supporting Wesley. Your gift of stock makes a tremendous difference in our ability to prepare the future leaders of the church. There are two ways to gift shares of stock to Wesley. Below are the instructions for transferring the stocks to Wesley's account, which is administered by Mason Securities, Inc. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Norvell, Wesley's development director, at (202) 885-8635 or

A. From Another Brokerage Account

  • To make a gift from your brokerage account to our brokerage account, please send Stock Gift Letter A to your broker. Your broker will then send the requested shares to the Wesley Theological Seminary account to Mason Securities via DTC (which is the technical term for electronically transferring shares of stock). Please advise us of the gift so that we may accept the shares.
  • This is for gifts of stock only, excluding mutual funds.

B. With Stock Certificates in Your Possession

NOTE: you do not need to complete the back of the stock certificate, but that you should use one stock/bond power per certificate and ship using certified or overnight delivery. Also, be sure to include Wesley's account number (931030137) at Mason Securities on the face of each stock certificate.

  • Please provide Wesley with a copy of both Stock Gift Letter B and the fronts and backs of all stock certificates so we may accept the shares. You can mail a copy to: Attention Development Department, Wesley Theological Seminary, 4500 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20016. You can fax copies to us at (202) 885-8639.

Directions for How to Deliver Securities to Your Account

1. Each stock certificate must have a corresponding Irrevocable Stock/Bond Power to accompany it, i.e., if you have twenty-two stock certificates, you will need to sign twenty-two stock/bond powers.

2. The Stock/Bond Power must be signed exactly as the stock certificate has been issued. Examples are (a) stock certificate is issued to Robert H. Smith – stock power must be signed Robert H. Smith; (b) stock certificate is issued to Bobby Smith – stock power must be signed by Bobby Smith.

3. Do not sign or complete the stock/bond power. This form has been pre-printed assigning TD Ameritrade Institutional (which is the clearing firm for Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc.) as attorney to transfer. (IF THIS BLANK DOES NOT REFLECT “TD AMERITRADE INSTITUTIONAL,” STOCK/BOND POWERS AND CERTIFICATES SHOULD BE MAILED IN TWO SEPARATE ENVELOPES)

4. Do not sign or complete the back of the stock certificate. These must be completely blank. 

5. On each stock/bond power to each stock certificate, you must put the client’s account number in the upper right hand corner.

6. Staple each stock/bond power to each stock certificate. Please complete the Gift Letter B, keeping a copy for your records and sending another copy to your registered representative. Attach this form to the front of your certificates and powers.

7. We strongly recommend the stock/bond powers and certificates be sent via overnight mail, receipt signature required. This helps prevent loss/theft and ensures immediate attention. Send your stock/bond powers, Gift Letter B and stock certificates to:


TD Ameritrade Institutional
5010 Wateridge Vista Drive
San Diego, CA 92121-5775

PO Box:
TD Ameritrade Institutional
PO Box 919031
San Diego, CA 92191-9031

8. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Sandy Stransky at Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc., at (703) 716-6000.

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