Intercultural Immersions

The Intercultural Immersion requirement is seen as an integral component of an educational process that addresses the mission of the church in the world and which prepares persons for church leadership.  Master of Divinity students are required to participate in an immersion experience, either internationally or in the United States over a period of 10 to 14 days consecutively.  Students may participate after the completion of 30 academic credit hours.

A general orientation to the immersion experience, as well as a debriefing seminary following the immersion is required.  Students also complete a reflection paper and submit a project proposal which integrates their experience into their theological studies.  To get more information on completing the requirements of your Intercultural Immersion experience, review the tabs below.


Before Your Immersion Experience

PLEASE NOTE: M.Div. students who have completed 30 credit hours will be given first priority for immersions.  M.Div. students who have not completed 30 credit hours should seek permission from the PMM Office to participate in an Intercultural Immersion.  Matriculating students who are enrolled in other degree programs at Wesley will then be given priority along with students from the Washington Theological Consortium and other academic institutions with which Wesley Theological Seminary has a reciprocal relationship.


To begin your Intercultural Immersion experience, you should take the following steps:

  1. Determine which immersion you would like to attend by looking through the immersion brochure:

    Intercultural Immersion Brochure
  1. Sign up for the immersion by contacting the Assistant Director of PMM or by stopping by the office to put your name on the waiting list of your desired immersion.
  2. Register for and attend an Intercultural Immersion Orientation Session:

    Orientation Session Registration Form
  1. Register for MM-350.
  2. Complete and submit an Intercultural Immersion Application Form:

    Immersion Application Form

During Your Immersion Experience

While you are away at your immersion experience, be sure to have your Intercultural Immersion Certification Form signed by your Immersion/Faculty leader:

Immersion Certification Form

After Your Immersion Experience

After you return from your immersion, register for an Intercultural Immersion Debriefing Session offered in the semester immediately following your immersion:

Debriefing Session Registration Form

*Students who attend Wesley faculty-led immersions will have their debriefing session led by that faculty member.

Immersion Assignments

The final assignments for the Intercultural Immersion are two-fold and are due no later than 30 days after you return from your immersion:

  1. Students are required to complete a five page integrative paper which address the theological issues and implications for ministry experienced on the immersion.  This is to be theologically focused connecting the immersion experience with current theological studies, ministry experience and one's personal experience of being a cultural person.  Click on the link below for further guidance:

    Intercultural Immersion Reflection Paper Guidelines
  2. Create a quality project on the immersion experience which will be designed to share with groups outside of Wesley Theological Seminary.  Your project should outline who your target audience will be in addition to specifying its objectives.  That is to say, what do you hope to challenge your audience with?  You should include specific elements such as experiences, conversations, appropriate scriptures and theological reflection.   This project could be in various formats and venues:  e.g., PowerPoint presentation to a church group; a short series of classes for a Christian education grouup; a comprehensive talk directed to a specific group interested in the immersion culture or the creation of a full worship service.
  3. Wesley Faculty led Immersions: Students will submit this two-part assignment for review and grading to the faculty member who led the immersion. 
  4. Non-Wesley Faculty led Immersions:  Students will submit this two-part assignment for review and grading to the PMM Office/Immersion Director.
  5. Grading will be on a Pass/Fail basis.  Immersion leaders will assess each student's experience and indicate to the PM&M Office whether or not the student fully participated in the experience offered.  Grading elements also include participation in both the orientation and debriefing sessions in addition to the two-part integrative written assignments. 




Immersion Evaluation

After you return from your immersion, please take 10 minutes to copy the below link in another browser window and complete this survey.  Your valuable and much needed input helps the Practice in Ministry in Mission Office seek ways to improve upon the Intercultural Immersion Program.  Thank you!


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