Women Speak of God


From the earliest days of the church, women have spoken and written of their faith. This course introduces us to the voices of six women who struggled with issues of identity, character, and calling, and who were able to attest to God’s living presence amidst their struggles.

The Lessons

  1. Introduction: Our Family History (11:53)
  2. Perpetua (26:41)
  3. Macrina (18:30)
  4. Juana Inés de la Cruz (21:55)
  5. Susanna Wesley (21:37)
  6. Jarena Lee (18:16)
  7. Georgia Harkness (18:08)
  8. Our Stories: We Speak of God (7:42)


This is a mid-level course for both women and men who want to grow in faith and see how God works in difficult times and places. Each session requires a few pages of reading.

Sample Lesson

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