Enrollment Verifications

Students frequently need to share their semester enrollment status with loan lenders, Boards of Ordained Ministry and District Superintendents or other adjuticatories, scholarship granting organizations, insurance carriers, employers and family members. Similarly, graduates often need to confirm their degree credentials to the same types of external organizations. Wesley has established a relationship with the National Student Clearinghouse (a non-profit resource funded by the Department of Education) to help verify student enrollment and degree completion.

The NSC handles verification for more than 80% of higher education institutions in the United States. It is also the official method by which all schools that offer Title IV funds (Pell Grants or Direct Loans) must transmit enrollment information to the National Student Loan Data Service (NSLDS). Most organizations already use the Clearinghouse's reporting service to track students' progress through their degree program.

Alternately, students may choose to have Wesley create an enrollment verification letter by using the Enrollment Verification Request form. This request is free, and the letter can be tailored to state the exact information you need for your verification. A sample letter looks like this.

Degree Verifications

As with enrollment verifications, the National Student Clearinghouse is also Wesley's agent for verifying completed degrees that Wesley has granted to students. An organization or lender contacting Wesley for a degree verification will be directed to www.DegreeVerify.com. Students may still complete the Enrollment Verification Request form to verify the completion and awarding of a Master's or Doctoral degree, or Certificate.

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