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The Library at Wesley Theological Seminary strives to be your partner in theological education and research. The Library provides print, audiovisual, and electronic resources to meet the teaching and learning needs of those within and affiliated with the Wesley community. We believe that the Library is not simply a storehouse of information, but a place to enter into dialogue with the vast treasury of the Christian theological tradition.

With over 175,000 print and non-print items, the library collection reflects the intellectual breadth of religious thought and practice. On average, 275-300 volumes are added to the collection each month. In addition, the Library holds subscriptions to over 400 journals. Although the Library has materials on various subjects, the focus of the collection centers on religious and theological studies. Furthermore, while the Library's resources are decidedly ecumenical in scope, its particular strength is Methodist studies.

The Library is recognized for the excellence of its collections and for its response to the information needs of students, faculty, clergy, and other researchers. Library staff are committed to providing user-oriented services and cultivating a dynamic resource collection in support of the Seminary’s teaching and service mission.Through Wesley's membership in the Washington Theological Consortium, the Library joins with other libraries in the Consortium (1.5 million volumes) to provide reciprocal borrowing privileges and services for all students and faculty. Likewise, due to the relationship between American University and WTS, students, faculty and staff have borrowing privileges with the American University library.

The first floor Learning Commons provides a welcoming venue for theological education and research. Recognizing that learning and study take place in a variety of settings, the Learning Commons offers options for both individual and group study, including comfortable seating, work-tables, and rooms that can be reserved for group use. In addition, the Learning Commons provides computer stations for individual work, two printer/copiers, and a Lounge area for more relaxed study.

Circulation & Information Services Desk:
(202) 885-8695

(202) 885-8691 

For general inquiries, send email to:  library@wesleyseminary.edu
James Estes
Director of the Library & Assoc. Professor of Theological Bibliography
Hope Cooper 
Technical Services Librarian
(202) 885-8658
Andy Klenklen
Acquisitions Librarian
(202) 885-8692
David Travis
Public Services Librarian
(202) 885-8695

Library hours vary throughout the semester and academic year depending upon when classes are in session. 

Fall 2015 Regular Hours

August 31 - December 18, 2015

Monday through Thursday: 8:30a - 10:00p

Friday: 8:30a - 4:30p
Saturday: 10a - 5:00p
Sunday: closed

Fall 2015 Reading Week Hours

Saturday (Oct. 10): closed
Monday - Thursday (Oct. 12–15): 8:30a – 6:30p
Friday (Oct. 16): 8:30a – 4:30p
Saturday (Oct. 17): 10a – 5p

During the academic year, the Library is closed for Chapel services (Tuesday, 11-12).

The Library is closed on Sundays. 

Library doors are locked and printer-copiers turned off 10 minutes prior to closing. 

Although we make every effort to make sure the posted hours are accurate, please call to confirm.


The Library at Wesley Theological Seminary welcomes all members of the Wesley community in their research and studies. Library users are subject to all Library rules and regulations, which are in place to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone.


Library resources are governed by the Seminary’s Covenant of Professional Ethics and Behavior, including the Covenant of Stewardship, which addresses financial accountability and use of Seminary property. All Library users (including visitors) are subject to Library regulations.

Fees and Fines. Library privileges may be discontinued if financial obligations to the library are not paid. (see below)

Conversation. Please maintain your conversation at a low to moderate level in the Learning Commons (the first floor) to be mindful of other patrons. The Basement and Second Floor are designated Quiet Zones.

Mobile Devices. Do not use your mobile device for voice conversations anywhere in the Library. Turn them to silent or vibrate alert, and use them for data (or SMS) services only.

Music, Movies, and other Audiovisual Media. If you intend to listen to audio or watch video on any devices (smart phones, laptops, etc.), please use headphones.

Food and Drinks: Library users may only eat (or have open) food in the Lounge area of the Learning Commons. Drinks are permissible throughout the Library, but in covered containers.

Care of Library Resources. Do not highlight, mark, write, or otherwise deface Library materials.

Copyright. Library users are responsible for observing copyright laws while using Library resources, including computers and photocopiers.

Younger Visitors. Children or adolescents are allowed in the Library, but an adult must accompany them at all times. Supervise your children to ensure that they are not engaging in disruptive or distracting behaviors.

Mutilation or Theft. Persons found guilty of mutilating or stealing library materials will have all borrowing privileges revoked, and replacement/processing fees will be levied.

Personal Belongings. The Library is not responsible for your personal belongings, including coats and bags. Please do not leave them unattended for any length of time.

SolicitingSoliciting patrons or library staff for any purpose is prohibited. 

The Library has the right to ask individuals whose behavior is inappropriate to leave the library.

For a full description of Library guidelines and policies, consult the Library Handbook.



Although borrowing privileges are restricted, the Library is open to the general public for the purpose of theological study. Visitors are expected to abide by the same policies and procedures that govern all Library patrons, and use of materials or resources is given priority to registered Library users.


Overdue Books
$0.25 cents per item per day.
($10.00 maximum per book)
3-day grace period.

Overdue Doctor of Ministry Project-Papers
$0.50 cents per item per day.
($40.00 maximum per item)
3-day grace period.

Overdue Audio-Visual Materials
$1.00 per item per day.
($20.00 maximum per item)
3-day grace period.

Overdue Overnight Reserves Materials
$0.25 cents per item per hour, starting one hour after the library opens.
($40.00 total maximum per book)
No grace period.

Overdue Audio-Cassette Equipment
$.50 cents per day
($10.00 maximum fine)
No grace period

Lost/Damaged Items
Lost and damaged items are assessed a fee of $97 per item. This fee includes the replacement cost of the item and a $30.00 processing fee. For lost items, the maximum fine may still apply. Items are automatically considered lost when they are more than 40 days overdue. Item replacements from patrons will not be accepted.

Library Barcode Replacement
$5.00 (not refundable)


Once a grace period is over, full fines are charged for each overdue item.

Library fines and fees for Wesley students are sent to the Business Office and are added to student accounts.

Library fines and fees for other borrowers may be paid by cash or check at the Circulation Desk.  Credit card payments must be made in the Business Office. 

Library privileges may be discontinued if financial obligations to the library are not paid.

The Library recognizes the value of book and other donations to the overall strength and character of Library holdings, and is grateful for the generosity of donors who have contributed to the Library throughout the Seminary’s history.

The addition of new resources to the Library must still be catalogued and added to the collection. Even though gifts are free resources, ultimately their inclusion has other financial implications (including processing and library space), so gift books must be considered carefully. Potential gifts are evaluated in light of the Library’s Collection Development Gifts policy and are subject to the same selection criteria used for the acquisition of new items. Certain items are not accepted: periodicals (e.g., journals or popular magazines); duplicate copies of books in the collection; outdated/superseded reference materials; general encyclopedias; outdated media (e.g., VHS or cassette); items that are in poor condition or are extensively marked up.

Gifts of books and other library materials are accepted upon the discretion of the Director of the Library. If you have books (or other library resources) which you would like to donate to the Library, please contact the Director.

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