39 And the cloud… lit up the night by Margaret Adams Parker38 And Moses stretched out his hand by Margaret Adams Parker37 Prints and Drawings by Margaret Adams Parker04 Ancient Cosmologies by Geraldine Kiefer03 Instalation view, SW wall02 From the Studio Instalation view01 From the Studio Instalation view36 Preparatory drawings by Margaret Adams Parker35 Prints and Drawings by Margaret Adams Parker34 There is But One Way by Alexandra Sherman33 My Dark Side by Alexandra Sherman32 Half Empty II by Alexandra Sherman31 I’m What They Call a Stormy Personality by Alexandra Sherman30 Feast of the Butterflies by Alexandra Sherman29 Surely You Jest by Alexandra Sherman28 Winter Within by Alexandra Sherman27 The Silhouettes by Alexandra Sherman26 Instalation view NE wall25 Garden by Maureen Melville24 Exposure of Luxury by Trudi Y. Ludwig23 Exposure of Luxury by Trudi Y. Ludwig22 Louise by Emma Stienkraus21 Instalation view North corner20 Instalation view South corner19 Wesley Banner by Barbara Green18 Instalation view West corner17 And the bones came together by Magaret Adams Parker16 And the bones came together by Magaret Adams Parker15 And the bones came together by Magaret Adams Parker14 And the bones came together by Magaret Adams Parker13 There were very many lying in the valley by Margaret Adams Parker12 There were very many lying in the valley by Margaret Adams Parker11 There were very many lying in the valley by Margaret Adams Parker10 Prints and Drawings By Margaret Adams Parker09 Yaya Yamies & Crochet Queens by Cynthia Farrell-Johnson08 Knit Shop: Yaya Yamies & Crochet Queens by Cynthia Farrell-Johnson07 Ancient Cosmologies III by Geraldine Kiefer06 Ancient Cosmologies II by Geraldine Kiefer05 Ancient Cosmologies I by Geraldine Kiefer

From the Studio: Artists-in-Residence 2011-2014
March 17- June 6, 2014
Reception and Artists' Talk
Tuesday, April 1, noon - 1:30pm

  • Curator's Statement
  • Participating Artists
  • The Artist-in-Residence program at Wesley Theological Seminary is unique in promoting dialogue between artists of all credos with theologians, both learning from their shared experiences while here at the Seminary.  Artists in the program have included painters, poets, actors, musicians, sculptors, videographers, graphic designers, potters, glass workers, iconographers, and many others, including those who work in multiple mediums of expression.

    As part of their residencies artists teach studio art classes and not only verbally stimulate conversation with the community, but also begin to help students develop a visual language of expression. In return, Wesley provides artists a place for research, reflection and experimentation.   Nearly every office, classroom, meeting room and public space at Wesley showcases the mark of the artists who have had residencies at the seminary. Each artist donates a work of art at the end of their residency, and as a result Wesley has many works which were created exclusively for the seminary as part of its collection.

    With the current exhibition, gallery visitors have a rare opportunity to explore some of the processes involved in the creation of the finished artwork on display.  In addition to the exhibiting artists’ written personal reflections on their experiences while in residence at Wesley, preliminary sketches, working drawings, copper and woodcut printmaking plates, and prior incarnations of the fruits of their labor reveal the evolution of content and imagery.  Wesley is one of only a handful of seminaries across the United States that include the arts in their curriculum, and it is this very intersection of art and faith that yields inspired creativity in all forms of ministry.

    Barbara Green, quilting, Fall 2012              
    Cynthia Farrell Johnson, painting, Fall 2011
    Geraldine Kiefer, mixed media, Spring 2013
    Trudi Y. Ludwig, printmaking, Spring 2012, Fall 2012
    Maureen Melville, stained glass, Spring 2013  
    Margaret Adams Parker, printmaking,  Fall 2013, Spring 2014            
    Alexandra N. Sherman,
    drawing/painting, Fall 2011, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014
    Emma Steinkraus, painting, Spring 2012 

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