Housing for American University Students

Beginning Fall 2013, Wesley Seminary will offer housing to American University students in Straughn Residence Hall. Limited housing will be available for Fall and Spring semesters only to graduate or undergraduate students age 21 or older. Housing is only available for students without campus housing options at American University (graduate students, international students in short programs, etc). Conveniently located right next door to American University on Massachusetts Avenue, students will have access to AU campus resources, proximity to public transportation, and the flexibility to participate in AU's dining and parking plans.  Please explore our information below to determine if housing at Wesley is right for you.


Any American University student age 21 or older by August 22, 2015 may be eligible for housing at Wesley Seminary. Students must be enrolled in 6 credits or more and complete the housing application (including background check).


Straughn Dormitory is conveniently located right next door to American University on Massachussetts Ave, NW.  A graduate theological school of the United Methodist Church, Wesley Seminary came to Washington, DC from Westminster, MD in 1958.  Our land was purchased from American University, a school affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  Our shared history explains our ongoing collegiality and occassional partnership.



AU students moving to Straughn Dormitory are required to pay a $350 deposit prior to move-in day.  A portion of this deposit ($325) is refundable, assuming all conditions are met when students vacate and keys are returned.  The rest of this deposit ($25) is non-refundable and covers a routine background check required of all applicants.

Rental Charges

Rental charges can be paid in installments or once, prior to the start of each semester. Please note that students who elect to pay in installments are subject to a payment plan fee ($35) each semester.

  Installment Cost (4 Payments) Cost Per Semester
Double Occupancy $790 $3,160
Single Occupancy $973.25 $3,893


Students who pre-pay the semester receive a $200 discount per semester towards rental charges.  This reduces the lump-sum cost to $2960 per semester for students assigned to a double occpancy and $3693 for students assigned to a single occupancy.

Additional Campus Housing Expenses

Coin-Operated Washing $1.50/load
Coin-Operated Drying $1.25/load
Housing Deposit (partially refundable) $350.00
AU Main Campus Gate Key Deposit (refundable) $10.00
Vending Machine (Soda) $1.50
Meals (Lunch or Dinner, M-TH) - Wesley Refectory $9.00

Parking & Meals

Students may elect to participate in Wesley's meal plan ($1,060 per semester) or purchase a parking permit from American University to park in the Katzen Parking Garage.  Students are welcome to eat in the Wesley Refectory if they wish, and may purchase meal tickets to do so in lieu of a meal plan, but parking for AU students is not available in Wesley's parking lot.

What's Covered?

One of the greatest benefits of living on our campus is the security of knowing that maintenance-related expenses and tasks are taken care of for you.  In Straughn Dormitory, even light bulbs and toilet paper are provided by our Facilities Department!  Maintenance-related help is only an email away.

In addition, wireless internet and all utilities are provided.  Air conditioning units and ceiling fans are provided in each room for use during summer months.  Heating for the building is centrally controlled.  Each student will be provided with a password to access wireless internet.  Satellite TV is provided in Welliver Lounge.

Housekeeping Staff clean common areas including bathrooms daily, but do not clean up directly after students (dishes, removing trash from student rooms, etc).  Dumpsters are located in the Wesley parking lot for students to dispose of trash and recycling.  Resident Managers will be assigned to live in the building, and all RMs will rotate after-hours duty in case of emergency.


All rooms in Straughn Dormitory are furnished with the following pieces.  Unless denoted, each listed piece can be repositioned in the room according to resident preference:

  • two twin-sized beds on metal frames

  • two student desks and chairs

  • two wall-mounted bookshelves (cannot be repositioned)

  • one armchair

  • two fixed wardrobes (cannot be repositioned)

  • two fixed dressers (cannot be repositioned)

  • one night table

  • window drapes

  • portable air conditioning unit

Students moving to campus are advised that the following items are recommended/acceptable to bring:

  • bed linen, including twin-sized sheets, blankets and pillows

  • area rugs (room measures approximately 11'x15')

  • towels and any personal toiletries (toilet paper is provided)

  • dorm-sized refrigerators

  • bed risers to raise bed height and utilize underbed area for additional storage

  • personal fan (please note that space heaters are prohibited)

Students moving to campus are advised that the following items are prohibited in your dormitory room:

  • halogen lamps space
  • heaters microwaves


Photos & Floor Plan

Straughn Dormitory rooms are approximately 175sf, although rooms may differ slightly by dimension.  Below is a common floor plan for a Straughn dormitory room.  Please note that bookshelves are not depicted, but are wall-mounted over each desk.




Community Involvement

AU students who live in Straughn Dormitory will be welcomed into the Wesley Community.  These students will have access to study in our library, eat in our Refectory and participate in the life of our community.  Students will be welcomed at our regular Saturday Supper (each Saturday during the Fall and Spring semesters, churches volunteer to provide our students with a meal), our community worship and whatever other events occur.

In the building, students will have access to Welliver Lounge, the computer lab, the Prayer Room, exercise area, study room, and community kitchens.  They will be required to attend regular dorm meetings.

Because it is our hope that AU students will not merely be tenants but will be members of our community, students must agree to sign our Covenant of Professional Ethics and Behavior, which governs student behavior and interactions on campus.  Violations will be treated in the same manner as violations of Wesley students: consultation with the Associate Dean of Community Life.  Additional measures, including reporting to American University's Dean and potentially expulsion from Wesley Campus Housing will be taken if necessary.



I'm not a Christian, can I still apply to live here?

  • Yes! Wesley Theological Seminary, while a graduate theological school of the United Methodist Church, is welcoming to any AU student who meets the eligibility criteria. There are no requirements for religious worship or observance.

Are there special rules to live on campus because Wesley is a seminary?

  • We think you'll find that the rules and regulations of living on campus at Wesley are no more stringent than those observed by American University Residence Halls. We observe quiet hours (11pm-8am), have Resident Managers who are on duty when the Housing Office is closed (4:30pm-8:30am), and expect that students will conduct themselves in a mature, considerate manner. We do have regulations governing visitors, but do not enforce visitation hours, per se. If you have questions about rules regarding living on campus, just send us an email.

Is Wesley welcoming to LGBTQ students?

  • Wesley does not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other physical or ideological status. We strive to be welcoming to all students and applicants and hope that students will receive this welcome from other students on campus as well.

What are the visitation regulations?

  • Straughn Residents may have overnight guests not to exceed 7 nights.

How do I pay my rent?

  • Students who pre-pay their rent per semester must submit the entire sum, including hosuing deposit, prior to move-in. Payment may be made by phone with credit card (Mastercard or Visa only), by mail with check, or in person in the Business Office (cash, check, credit card, money order). Students who elect to pay their rent monthly must utilize the Sallie Mae monthly payment plan. More information about the payment plan is available by calling 202-885-8662.

How are rules enforced?

  • As a graduate school offering housing to students only age 21 and over, we anticipate that our students will conduct themselves in a considerate, mature manner. As such, we believe more than a clear reminder by our Resident Manager should not be necessary. However, if it does become necessary, students may be required to meet with the Housing Director or the Associate Dean of Community Life (depending on the severity of the situation) and grievances may be reported to the AU Office of the Dean. Ultimately, Wesley reserves the right to remove any campus resident from housing.

Does Wesley have rules regarding alcohol and smoking?

  • Yes. The seminary's smoking policy prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any campus building. Designated stations denoted by Smoker's Poles (near the AU gate, for instance) have been established for smokers. It is expected that any cigarette butts or other refuse generated will be properly disposed of in a safe manner. Alcohol is not permitted in any common areas on campus, but is permitted in individual student rooms. Students wishing to consume alcohol must do so only in dormitory rooms or apartments, and never by individuals under the age of 21. Providing alcohol to minors is a crime and will result in removal from campus housing. Students who have difficulty controlling their alcohol consumption or behavior during or after alcohol consumption who present a danger to themselves or others may be asked to leave campus or reported to AU Public Safety.

Does Wesley observe quiet hours?

  • Quiet hours are observed between 11pm and 8am. Students and guests must be considerate of their neighbors, especially with regards to noise violations. The seminary expects residents to help foster an atmosphere that is conducive to the study and sleep needs of all students. Noise violations will be recorded by the Housing Office. Multiple or excessive violations may result in removal from campus housing.

Should I purchase Renter's Insurance?

  • Renter's Insurance is not required, but is recommended. The seminary offers no renter's coverage and maintains no liability if your belongings are damaged or stolen.

Campus Map


Application Process

The Housing Application for American University students involves the following process:

  1. Submit online housing application by June 1 for priority consideration.  Be sure to complete all fields and be thorough in your responses.
  2. You will receive a follow-up email confirming your application submission including additional instructions.  You will be required to submit to the Housing Office the following signed/completed documents within 1 week of receipt:
  • Wesley Seminary Covenant of Professional Ethics and Behavior
  • Authorization to Release Information for Background Check
  1. Wesley Seminary will process your request and run your background check, upon receipt of your follow-up documents.
  2. An interview will be scheduled (in person or via skype) with the Director of Housing. This interview will be a time for you to ask questions regarding life on-campus at Wesley as well as for Wesley to get to know you.
  3. Following your interview and successful background check, your housing assignment will be made and you will recieve notification via email.  You will be required to make your housing deposit and rental payment if applicable.  Deadlines for payments will be included in your housing assignment email. You will be required to submit the following documents:
    • Copy of American University student schedule (downloaded from my.american.edu)
    • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Housing Contract
    • Emergency Contact Information Form
  4. Your move-in will be scheduled for mid August.  Welcome to your new home at Wesley Seminary!

Apply Now!

If you meet the eligibility requirements and think that housing in Straughn Dormitory is right for you, apply now!

Housing Renewal for Current Residents

Spring 2015 semester residents should notify the Housing Office of their future term housing plans by completing the AU Housing Renewal Form by April 15.  Questions regarding the online form can be addressed to the Director of Housing at 202-885-8612.

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