Moving Out

Instructions and Guidelines for Vacating Campus Housing


All Wesley campus housing contracts stipulate thirty days' notice regarding vacating mid-semester.  Please use the form online to ensure that all necessary information is included when notifying the Housing Office.

Students withdrawing from the seminary are responsible for notifying the Housing Office directly. Students may be eligible for a partial refund of semester housing charges if notified in the first five weeks of the semester.  In such a case, students are responsible for rental charges from the beginning of the semester until move out, and a percentage of the remaining rental charges is refunded.

Housing Deposit Refund Conditions

To be eligible for a housing deposit refund, a student must:

  1. Have paid the full housing deposit amount.
  2. Have a zero balance on their student account, including all rental charges.
  3. Notify the Housing Office thirty days prior to move-out.
  4. Vacate the unit fully, including storage units and any community areas (don't forget your bicycle).
  5. Leave the unit in good condition (not beyond normal wear and tear).
  6. All seminary furniture must be undamaged and remain in the apartment.
  7. Keys must be returned to the Housing Office by the specified time.
  8. Leave the unit clean, including and specifically the following items
  • Trash removed from the unit.
  • Refrigerator and Freezer (where applicable) empty and clean.
  • Oven and cabinets (where applicable) empty and clean.
  • Bathroom sink, toilet, bathtub (where applicable) clean.
  • Vacuum or sweep all flooring.
  • Remove adhesive tape or command strips/hooks from walls.


After communicating with the Housing Office, make sure to settle your student housing account. When move out day comes, make sure to save time to clean the apartment after fully vacating the space of your personal belongings. Many housing deposits have been withheld for failure to clean. Returning the keys directly to the Housing Office (unless prior atlernative arrangements have been made) is the student's last responsibility.

Once the space has been vacated and keys have been returned, the Director of Facilities or Facilities Staff will inspect your unit. A judgment will be made regarding the refund of your housing deposit.  This judgment (and it's basis) will be given to the Housing Director.  The Housing Director will either communicate with the Business Office regarding the refund of your deposit or contact you directly to inform you of the reason your deposit will be withheld.

Deposits are returned to a student's account, so arrangements should be made with the Business Office prior to moving out if the student will not be local or has graduated and would like to receive a check in the mail. If a student has other charges on his or her account, the housing deposit may be applied towards those charges.

The procedure for refunding a housing deposit is not instantaneous. Students vacating campus should be prepared to wait up to two weeks for the inspection to be scheduled, particularly if a student is moving out during a high traffic move out time. To avoid this wait, students may make arrangements for an early inspection in the Housing Office.

An early inspection involves a walk-through with the Director of Facilities or Facilities Staff prior to vacating the space. The inspection will include an evaluation of seminary furniture, walls, carpeting or floors, windows and window screens and appliances. If a judgment is made at an early inspection to refund a student's deposit and a student fails to properly clean his or her space when moving out, charges will be assessed to a student's account, preventing even alumni from receiving a diploma or transcript.

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