Tuition & Financing

The Doctor of Ministry program will cost approximately $18,500 for tuition and fees.

  • The program requires a total of 30 credit hours; each course is 3 credits. Tuition for the 2014-2015 year is $568 per credit hour.
  • Fees include a $53 facilities fee for each intensive term and a $250 Reader's fee that is charged to students when they are assigned a faculty reader for their Project Paper.

Additional costs are books, housing, meals, and travel.

Doctor of Ministry Program for 2014-2015

  • Tuition for two-week intensive (6 credits) - $3408
  • Fees $53 per two week session
  • Housing depends upon room arrangement

The following figures are maximum allowable expenses from which your budget will be determined by the financial aid office for the certification of student loans you wish to borrow. Any expenses that exceed these maximum allowable expenses must be explained through documentation.

The fees and estimated costs in the table below are per two-week intensive term:

  • Tuition $568 per credit hour
  • Fees $53
  • Books $150 per class enrolled
  • Housing $945
  • Meals while on campus $250
  • Miscellaneous expenses $50
  • Transportation $300

Total allowable expenses for one intensive term with 6 credits $5,306
Total for one term with 3 credits $2,653
Total for both terms – 12 credits $10,612

Students may elect to choose a loan period that covers both January and May, or for just one term at a time.

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