Military Chaplains

Military chaplains are harnessed with the imposing tasks of advisement and support with responsibilities that vary and intensify at each successive level of command. Satisfying the operational needs of military leaders and the religious needs of warriors and their families requires intellectual and spiritual dexterity. This program of study is designed to enhance both. The core courses explore a broad range of topics related both to chaplaincy tasks and to the vocational life of the individual chaplain. 

May 12-15, 2015: Chaplaincy on the Line (Drs. David McAllister-Wilson & Terry Bradfield) 
May 18-22, 2015: Past, Present, and Future of Military Chaplaincy (Dr. John W. Brinsfield, Jr)

  • Sept-Oct, 2015: Online electives available        
  • Oct-Nov, 2015: Online electives available       

Jan 4-8, 2016: Classroom electives available at Wesley 
Jan 11-15, 2016: Ethics for Senior Leaders – Dr. Sondra Wheeler 

  • Feb-Mar, 2016: Core online: Mid-Career Assessment of Rhetorical Skills for Improvement 
    (Dr. Christian Lundberg) 
  • Mar-Apr, 2016: Online electives available 

May 10-13  2016: Formation of Interfaith Chaplaincy – Dr. Sathianathan Clarke
May 16-20, 2016: Classroom electives available at Wesley                 

  •     Sept-Oct, 2016: Core online: Project Seminar – (Dr. Lewis A. Parks)
  •     Oct-Nov, 2016: Online electives available 

Jan 3-6, 2017: Pastoral Care for Warriors and their Families – Dr. Michael S. Koppel
Jan 9-13, 2017: Images of Leadership in the Bible – Dr. Denise Dombkowski Hopkins

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