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Project Paper Information

Below you will find information regarding writing your project paper.  This work is begun after taking the Project Seminar course.  Ideally, this course should be taken with the cohort that you began the program with.

** Be sure to register for Continuing Enrollment each semester you are working on your project paper and not enrolled in other courses to remain in the program.  The course number is NC-001.

Information regarding preparing your final paper for publication through the Wesley library is available here.  Links to the forms mentioned on this website will be available after the January term.

Guidelines for Pagination   At a glance guide for formatting the project paper. For additional guidance please consult Turabian 8th edition.

Sample Front Matters   This is a template for how your front matters should be formatted using the guidelines from Turabian.

The scheduled deadline dates are:

September 1 - DMin Project proposal is due to Dr. Parks to be presented to the DMin Committee at the first meeting of the year for approval. (usually around Sept 15th)

  • Following this meeting you will be notified who your assigned reader will be and will be forward contract information and a request for the payment of the $250 readers fee.

October 15 - biblical/theological chapter due to your reader.

December 31 - All of your course work should be completed by the end of the year before you are anticipating graduation.

January 15 - Full draft of your project paper is due to your reader.

February 15 - You should have a response to your full draft back from your reader by this date.

March 1 - 30 Public demonstration of your DMin project should be completed during this time frame to an appropriate audience. Guidelines for the public presentation are attached here. Please pay special attention to number 10.

April 1 - Final version of project paper in due to the DMin Office for processing through the library using TREN. Please provide this in hard copy.

  • All pagination and footnotes need to be correct and pages in order with proper front matters and indexing.


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