About the Program

Length of the Program: The 30 hours of course work are normally completed within three and a half years. Up to six years are allowed for completion. The faculty's Doctor of Ministry Committee will entertain requests for time extensions in circumstances of unusual gravity. Course work must be started within two years after admission into the program.

Design of Courses and Intensive Terms: Two intensive residential terms are held each year in January and May consisting of two courses of 3 credits each. Classes run 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday (with the exception of the seminary graduation day in May). Reading lists and preparatory assignments are made available to students two months before the program (November for January term and March for May term) on both the website and on Blackboard.  Students are allowed six weeks to complete post-course assignments. Beginning in 2015, online courses will be incorporated into the required core classes for each track. Online courses will also be offered as electives during the spring and fall semesters.

Elements of the D.Min. Program:

  • Tracks: The Doctor of Ministry program supports diverse areas of focus, or tracks, which require the successful completion of 24 core course hours and 6 hours of electives. Three hours for the Project Seminar are included in the core courses. Transfer credit is not accepted as a substitute for the required core courses. The project paper is generally written during the third year. View our tracks here.
  • Peer learning and ministerial setting are essential parts of Wesley Doctor of Ministry programs. Students are encouraged to engage people in their ministry settings in a variety of ways, from personal support and accountability to participation in the projects.
  • Project and Project Paper: Each student will write a project proposal in the Project Seminar taken in the third year of study. When the proposal is approved by the seminar instructor, the proposal is forwarded to the Doctor of Ministry Committee for approval and assignment of a faculty reader. Upon payment of a $250 Reader's Fee, the student is formally advanced to candidacy status. The faculty reader will serve as a consultant to the candidate for selection of the specialized elective courses as well as the development of the Project Paper.
  • The Project itself should be started as soon as possible following the approval of the proposal, advancement to candidacy, and assignment of a faculty reader. A first draft of the complete Project Paper is due in the Doctor of Ministry Office by January 15 preceding the year of graduation. During the month of March preceding graduation, each candidate will make an oral presentation and evaluation of the project. Proposed venues for this presentation should be cleared with the Doctor of Ministry Office. One copy of the Project Paper in final form, together with one copy of a 100-word abstract, and various forms provided by the Library, must be submitted to the Doctor of Ministry Office on or before the date specified in the Seminary Calendar.
  • Electives: any combination of the following options may be used to fulfill the elective course requirements for a Doctor of Ministry track:
    • Elective courses/seminars for Doctor of Ministry students offered during the January and May intensive terms
    • Online D.Min. courses offered in the spring and fall semesters
    • Immersion study experiences, directly related to the subject of focus for a given track, for a maximum of six credit hours
    • Advanced seminars in Wesley’s M.Div. curriculum in which Wesley faculty agree to develop additional readings and assignments for the Doctor of Ministry student
    • Approved courses at member institutions of the Washington Theological Consortium
    • Work at other ATS approved institutions with prior approval from Wesley’s Doctor of Ministry Office. Transfer work must be done on an accredited, doctoral level and may not be applied toward the awarding of another degree. Up to 6 hours of elective courses may be taken outside Wesley. Work completed prior to entry into the Doctor of Ministry program at Wesley will not be applied towards the Doctor of Ministry degree.


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