Summer Term 2015

Wesley's summer program is divided into two terms:

  • Summer Term 1 running from May 26  - through the end of June
  • Summer Term 2 running from July 1 - through through the end of August

Tentative Summer 2015 schedule

Pre-course advance assignments and reading are required for many summer term courses. Pre-course assignments are available under the "Course Information & Materials" tab. Please check the course descriptions below for pre-course requirements. We will continue to update this as we receive information from the faculty.

Textbook lists can be both viewed and ordered directly from Amazon via the Wesley Virtual Bookstore. Wesley textbooks are also now available at the American University Bookstore. Textbook lists can also be viewed on WesleyWeb. We will continue to update this information as we receive book lists from faculty.

Registration & Add/Drop Policy

Registering for Summer Courses

Registration processing begins on March 9, 2015. Students can register for the Summer Term using WesleyWeb. For registration instructions, please visit the Registration Instructions website. Please note that if you are looking up courses in WesleyWeb, you must first choose either Summer Term 1 or Summer Term 2 to see available courses.

Registration for Summer intensive classes closes two weeks before the class start date. Registration periods are listed along with other course information in the "Course Information & Materials" tab below.

Dropping a Summer Course

Students wishing to drop courses must be do so either on WesleyWeb or on a paper Registration Form two weeks prior to the class start date to avoid a late drop fee. Students dropping after the registration deadline must do so using a Registration form. Students dropping after the registration deadline through the first day of class will be charged a $100.00 late drop fee. Students cannot drop a course after the first day of class. 

Students who need to drop their course should download the Registration Form and return it to the Registrar's Office  within the time line outlined above. Non-attendance does not constitute as a drop or withdrawal and will result in course failure.


Payment of tuition invoices are due by or on the first day of class. Tuition rates vary by academic year and type/number of credits being pursued. The rates are listed below:


  • $ 568.00 per credit for academic credit (For classes beginning before July 1, 2015 - Summer Term 1)
  • $TBD per credit hour  for academic credit (For classes beginning after July 1, 2015 - Summer term 2):

Other fees:

  • $ 100.00 per Continuing Education Unit*
  • $ 40.00 non-refundable fee for first time students only
  • $10.00 per week parking fee

* Continuing Education Unit (CEU) registration is available for ordained clergy, diaconal ministers, or full-time lay professional employees of any denomination.



Dormitory housing is available on limited basis at Wesley Theological Seminary. Summer housing reservations will be available March 20, 2015.

Read more about and apply for summer housing online here. For questions about housing, please contact the Housing Office.

You may also wish to stay at a near-by hotel. A list of hotels is available here

Course Information & Materials

Summer Term courses are listed in order by course number

BI-213: Biblical Hebrew

Denise Dombkowski Hopkins
June 15 - July 24, 1PM - 4PM
Last day to register: June 1, 2015
This course meets the Bible Distribution requirement for those transferring to the new curriculum.

Grammar, vocabulary, and thought forms of Biblical Hebrew.

Course Syllabus/Pre-Course Assignments

BI-308: Exploring "Call" in the Bible & Film

Shively Smith
June 15 - June 26, 9AM - 12PM
Last day to register: June 1, 2015
The courses meets the Bible Distribution requirement for those transferring to the new curriculum.

A comparative analysis of the literary form, function, and theological significance of call narratives in the Bible and contemporary film. Attention to interpretive features, methods, critical analysis, and theological reflection.

Course Syllabus/Pre-Course Assignments

CF-204: The Spirituality of Prayer

Arthur Thomas
July 20 - July 31, 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Last day to register: July 6, 2015

Ways of cultivating personal and corporate prayer by considering God's character, human hindrances, prayer types, methods, retreats, and small groups. Insights from Western, African, and Korean saints. Designs for teaching congregations and enriching pastoral devotion.

Course Syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

CF-206: Spirituality in Nature

Elizabeth Norcross
May 26 - May 29, 9AM - 5PM
Last day to register: May 12, 2015

Discovery of more harmonious relationships with creation through study of and spiritual experience in the local Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Emphasis on spiritual practice.

Course Syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

CF-213: African-American Spirituality

Anthony Hunt
June 1 - June 12, 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Last day to register: May 18, 2015

An analysis of African-American spirituality from a Christian perspective with an exploration of historical developments, theological literature, and recent trends in the practice of African-American spirituality.

Class Syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

CF-255-OL: Church and Culture for Youth and Young Adults

Jana Strukova
May 26 - July 24
Last day to register: May 12, 2015
This class will be held online through Blackboard.

A survey of contemporary culture through various lenses - post-modern, post-Christian, consumerist, entertainment-driven, fragmented, secular, globalized, participatory and
technological - and the importance of deep understanding, interpretation and practical theological reflection and critique of these perspectives for effective ministry with youth and young adults.

Course Syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

CH-203: Gender & Sexuality in Early Christianity

Jennifer Barry
May 26 - June 30, 9AM - 5PM
Last day to register: May 12, 2015
This course meets the Church History/Systematic Theology Distribution requirement for those transferring to the new curriculum.

Examination of the development of the debates concerning gender and sexuality in early Christian communities. Introduces students to competing claims over issues of gender, the body, and human sexuality. Focus on key debates over these interrelated categories.

Course syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

CM-117-HB: Visual Technologies for the Church

Berkeley Collins
June 29 - July 17, 1PM - 4PM
Last day to register: June 15, 2015
Class will meet twice per week for three weeks. Course will also have an online component. This course goes toward meeting the Practices of Leadership requirement for those transferring to the new curriculum.

The use of visual technologies for worship and Christian Education applications. Methodologies, hardware and software options, worship space and classroom design and functionality with specific examples from churches engaged in the use of visual technologies.

Course Syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

CM-243: Organizing for Social Transformation

Michael-Ray Mathews
June 8 - June 12, 9AM - 4PM
Last day to register: May 25, 2015

Study and practice of community organizing as an effective tool of faith-based communitites for developing leaders and teams and building a movement for racial and economic justice at loca, state, and national levels.

Course Syllabus/Pre-course Assignments

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