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Global Partners


We are in partnership with all three Methodist seminaries in Korea and Yonsei University.  We had 5 tracks of Spiritual Leadership for the Global Church: Asian Track in our Doctor of Ministry that meet in Korea and at Wesley’s campus in Washington, DC.  We’ve sent many students, faculty, staff, and governors, on intercultural immersion contextual learning trips to Korea and offer Continuing Education programs at Wesley for Korean clergy and laity.


Wesley had helped to establish the Moscow seminary and continues to send faculty there to teach.


Wesley has and continues to send many faculty members to teach at Africa University. Each fall, a student comes from Africa University to study theology in the US contexts at Wesley’s Washington, DC campus.

Central & South America

The Methodist Seminary in Mexico City, the Mexico Methodist Church, and 10 Korean-American United Methodist churches established the Yucatan Theological School in 2004 and had the commencement in November 2009.  To answer the need of theological education for pastors, Wesley expands to Central & South America regions and continues to support this initiative by supplying many faculty members to Dominican Republic and Brazil.


Dr. Sathi Clarke who holds the position of Bishop Sun-Do Kim Chair in World Christianity, also serves as a faculty member at United Theological college in Bangalore.


The seminary is exploring how to build on the already established ties with the United Methodist Church in Liberia, notably through the Gbarnga School of Theology in Monrovia.


Wesley helped found a Methodist Seminary in May of 2007. Since then, Wesley’s Vice President for International Relations, Dr. Kyunglim Shin Lee has been continuously providing consulting and supporting to design the system body of how to send faculty resources for theological education.


The Debrecen Hungarian Reformed Seminary sends students to WTS to earn their degree while they pastor the Hungarian congregation that meets in Wesley’s chapel.


Wesley has a one-semester student exchange established with the United Methodist Theological Seminary in Reutlingen.


Wesley has a one-semester student exchange established with Stockholm Theological Seminary.

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