Transfer Student FAQs

What is the application deadline for transfer students?
Like new degree program applications, transfer applications are considered on a rolling basis. Final application deadlines are November 15th to begin in the Spring Semester and July 1st for the Fall Semester.

How do transfer students apply for financial aid?
You may talk to the Financial Aid Office about need-based financial aid by contacting Mary Vibert at or (202) 885-8663. To be considered for merit based aid, your application needs to be received by November 15th for the Spring Semester and February 1st for the Fall Semester. If your application is in by the prescribed dates, you will automatically be considered for merit aid. All applications received by those deadlines are automatically considered for merit aid.

How long will it take for a decision to be made concerning my application?
Once your file becomes complete, the Admissions Committee will review your application. The decision-making process generally takes 1-2 weeks depending on the time of year. You will be notified as soon as we have received all of your application materials and again when the Admissions Committee has made a decision concerning your acceptance.

How many credit hours can transfer in?
Up to half of all the credit hours needed for the degree may be transferred from an accredited institution. For the M.Div. program up to 45 for the M.A. and M.T.S. up to 30 credit hours are allowed to transfer.

Will credits from my institution be accepted?
Only credits from an institution accredited by the Association of Theological School in the United States and Canada will be considered. Students with previously completed theological or non-theological degrees may also receive Advanced Standing in the form of elective credits and/or waivers of Wesley's core requirements.

Will Pass/Fail credits transfer?
No. Transfer credits must come from a graded course in which the student received a grade of "B-" or better.

When will my transcripts be reviewed for transferable credits?
To have your transcripts evaluated by the Registrar's Office, ask a member of the Admissions team to have your transcripts and file reviewed for any possible transfer credits. Please do not request this action until your entire Admissions application has been submitted to Wesley. If you have already begun classes at Wesley and missed your chance for an evaluation of your previous transcripts, please complete the Transfer of Credit Request form, selecting the first check box for an "evaluation."

When will my credits be added to my Wesley transcript?
Transfer credits are only added after formal request in the Registrar's Office by submitting the Transfer of Credit Request form, selecting the second check box to have these credits applied to your official Wesley transcript. You may petition for the credits to be added after you have completed nine (9) credit hours at Wesley, the equivalent of one full-time semester.

Is housing available?
Yes. For information concerning housing, please go to Wesley's Housing Office webpage.


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