Campus Plan Amendment

Application to Amend and Extend
the Spring Valley Campus Plan

Submitted on December 20, 2011

Traffic Impact Analysis, Campus Plan Update Application

Campus Plan Amendment Recent Developments: Comments from President McAllister-Wilson

There are several recent developments I want to share with the community as Wesley tries to be responsive to community concerns.

  1. Some were concerned with the previous design of the building whereby one corner facing the neighborhood was glass.  This meant that a significant amount of light would be shed.  Notice that this feature is now turned inward toward the interior courtyard.
  1. Several weeks ago, we staked out the footprint of the proposed new building and we marked the trees that would be saved and those that would be taken down.  We will replace the missing trees and add some more.  We have now erected a sample of the proposed façade.
  1. We have now posted the study of traffic and parking.  The study shows that Wesley has adequate on-site parking to accommodate the changes proposed in this amendment.  But I want to see a continued reduction in the load on the parking lot, especially in the peak hours.  The Traffic Demand Management Plan in the report includes numerous and aggressive measures to accomplish this goal.
  2. In response to neighbor’s concerns, I have contacted our vendors to remind them of the city ordinance requirement that service vehicles may not enter the property before 7:00 a.m.  I have also made a special appeal to DDOT to replace the sign at the circle that was destroyed in the last big snowstorm.


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