Extension Schools

Wesley Theological Seminary is the regional School in the Northeast Jurisdiction (NEJ) of the United Methodist Church.  We are afflicated with two extension locations to help serve part-time local pastors in the NEJ. Each extension school sets its own course schedule.

Students must meet the following requirements to attend an extension site:

  • Must be a part-time local pastor. Full time local pastors are required to attend all classes at regional schools.
  • Students are allowed to take 12 courses at an extension site and must take the remainer of their course work through a regional Course of Study School.
  • Must have the approval of the Course of Study registrar from their conference and their District Superintendent to attend extension school locations.

Tuition for extension schools is set by the school.  Students are responsible for all costs to attend extension schools. Please click on the links below for further information.

Correspondence through the GBHEM

Correspondence is a provision provided by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry for local pastors enrolled in the Course of Study School to take classes when personal circumstances will not allow the student to attend the regular school sessions. A student enrolled in the basic Course of Study School may take up to four courses by correspondence.

For information and study guides contact:

Nancy Lown
PO Box 340007
Nashville, TN 37703-0007

You may also contact Pamela by telephone at (615) 340-7416 or by email at cosregistrar@gbhem.org



  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Buffalo, NY

Rev. Gordon Hendrickson (267) 258-9507

Dr. Rev. Wendy Deichman Edwards
Denise Barham, Administrative Assistant (716) 697-3924

Philadelphia, NY

Information regarding the schedule and courses offered at the Philadelphia Extension school is available by contacting Gordon Hendrickson, Director.

Download the registration form here.

Next courses scheduled are:

CS 114 Pastoral Leadership and Administration
September 6,7,21 and October 5, 2013

CS 211 Hebrew Bible 1
January 3,4,25 and February 8, 2014

CS 314 Pastoral Care and Counseling
April 25 & 26 and May 10 & 31, 2014

Buffalo, NY

Information regarding the schedule and courses offered at the Buffalo Extension school is available by contacting Denise Barham, Administrator.

Download the Brochure here.

Web page with course information is here.

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