Meet our COS Faculty

Faculty for the Wesley Course of Study Program are drawn from regular Wesley faculty as well as pastor practioners.  Below we have listed faculty.  We will add photos and bios as soon as possible.
Dr. Tim Baer
Dr. Joseph Bush
Dr. Larry Buxton
Rev. Gina Gilland Campbell
Dr. Susan Carole
Rev. Jamie Coles
Dr. Ori Creanga
Dr. David Evans
Dr. Denise D. Hopkins
Dr. Charles Harrell
Rev. Nick Hladek
Dr. Scott Kisker
Dr. Robert Kohler
Dr. Michael Koppel
Dr. Ellis Larsen
Rev. Asa Lee
Dr. Ken Loyer
Dr. Patricia MacNicoll
Dr. Beverly Mitchell
Dr. James Noland
Dr. Steven Rettenmayer
Dr. Mark Schaefer
Dr. Mark Teasdale
Rev. Jim Walker
Dr. Kevin Watson
Dr. Carla Works
Dr. Chip Wright
Dr. Rebecca Abts Wright
Sara Sheppard


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