Emerging Ministry

The Emerging Ministry Program is designed to prepare students to fulfill their vocation in a setting that ministers to the emerging generation. It provides supervised study, special courses, and placement in a congregation that has a commitment to exploring progressive forms of worship and liturgy along with other emerging ministries. The program functions as a specialization within any of the Master's degree programs. EMP students enjoy a wide degree of latitude in choosing experiences to bolster their degree program. Students should declare their intent to participate in the Emerging Ministry Program prior to completing 30 credit hours of their degree by submitting the form to the Registrar's Office.


Program Design

Core courses: Emerging Ministry students must complete CM-203 Emergent Gathering.
In addition one of the following courses is required to complete the core requirements of the specialization:

  • CM-270 Missional Evangelism
  • CM-273 Evangelism and Emerging Generations
  • CM-205 Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World

Electives: Emerging Ministry students are required to complete 9 additional credit hours to the core courses. The selection of elective courses changes each semester and includes courses such as:

  • CM-138 Greening Your Congregation
  • CM-242 Emerging Church: Creating a New Community
  • ES-216 The Moral Imagination
  • PC-280 Pastoral Care to Young Adults
  • PW-250 Creating Worship in a Post-Modern World
  • RA-142 Language of Grace: Modern Literature
  • RA-177 Making Scripture Seen and Heard
  • ST-230 Christian Apoligetics: The New Atheism
  • ST-229 ML King, Jr. and MK Gandhi
  • ST-294 Globalization, Mission and Church
  • WR-215 Theology and the Global Poor
  • WR-293 Religion, Violence and Peace

Placement Experience

The Practice in Ministry and Mission Office will work with Emerging Ministry students to secure placement in a setting that offers both emerging worship and ministries. Field placement experiences are available in urban, suburban, and rural congregations. These include mentoring, spiritual formation and missional service along with the classroom learning and peer colloquy experience you will gain at the Seminary.


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