Partner Schools & Programs

American University

Wesley enjoys a special relationship with its neighbor on Massachusetts Avenue, American University (AU). Wesley students who had a “B” average in college or who have satisfactorily completed twenty-four credit hours of theological studies are permitted to take graduate courses at AU while paying the Seminary’s hourly tuition rate. AU undergraduate and graduate students are permitted to register for Seminary courses on a comparable basis. This cooperative registration agreement provides for a widening of perspective and general enrichment in both Seminary and University classrooms. Additionally Wesley students have access to certain American University resources, such as the library, the fitness center, and the Katzen Arts Center's Parking Garage.

In cooperation with The American University (AU) School of International Service (SIS), Wesley offers the M.T.S. degree in conjunction with the M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution or the M.A. in International Development. Though other universities offer Master’s programs in peace and justice studies, these dual degree programs uniquely combine graduate theological education with the theoretical and practical study of international peace and conflict resolution or international development. AU’s SIS is the largest school of international relations in the United States. It offers a rigorous, multidisciplinary program recognized worldwide for preparing students for participation in international affairs.

The design of the dual degree retains specific core requirements from both programs while sharing the number of elective credits and the thesis requirement. To reduce the number of total credit hours required to complete the dual degree, both institutions recognize courses taken at the other. To understand this compromise, it is recommended that dual degree students familiarize themselves with the full requirements of the individual M.T.S. and M.A./IPCR degrees as published in each institution’s Catalog.

Eastern Mennonite University

Beginning in 2010, Wesley Theological Seminary began a relationship with Eastern Mennonite University’s Seminary in Virginia. Both EMU and WTS have agreed to allow reciprocal admission to the other seminary’s student community by offering a range of summer courses not otherwise available to students.  Students must complete the EMU Non-Degree Seeking Application to enroll. Contact the EMU Admissions Office at (540) 432-4257 with any questions.

Pfeiffer University

In The United Methodist Church, the Order of Deacon leads the congregation in its servant ministry and equips and supports all baptized Christians in their ministries alongside the Order of Elder. To provide Deacon education and ordination for people of The United Methodist Church in the Southeast Jurisdiction, Pfeiffer University in partnership with Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., have joined together to establish a Center for Deacon Education – a unique program that completely focuses on Deacon ordination for certified candidates within the UMC.

The Center is housed on Pfeiffer's Charlotte campus at 4701 Park Road, Charlotte, North Carolina. "We believe the ministry of Deacon is a growing vocational calling in the life of our churches," said Dr. Bruce C. Birch, Dean Emeritus of Wesley Theological Seminary. "We are committed to high quality preparation for those ordained to minister as Deacons."

All of the Basic Graduate Theological Studies courses required for ordination as a Deacon will be offered by the Center in a two-year cycle. These include courses in Old and New Testaments, Church History, Worship, Theology, Mission of the Church in the World, Evangelism, and a sequence of Methodist Studies courses in Polity, History and Doctrine. The program enables persons to complete these requirements for probationary membership and ordination as a Deacon without making life-changing alterations to their work schedule and other responsibilities. Courses are taught during the Fall and Spring semesters, as well as during intensive January and May terms, at the Pfeiffer campuses in North Carolina.

Wesley and Pfeiffer are exploring ways to form and educate the Order of Deacon outside the classroom experience. Courses offered through the Center for Deacon Education are specifically designed to prepare persons for ministry as Deacons. As fully admitted Wesley students, Deacon candidates at Pfeiffer are also permitted to take any course in the curriculum at Wesley in Washington, D.C. to supplement the specific BGTS course curriculum.

For additional information or to register for classes, contact Kathleen Kilbourne, Director, Center for Deacon Education and Director, Master of Arts in Practical Theology at Pfeiffer University, at or 704-945-7315. Those with questions about the partnership, academics or theoretical issues should contact the Office of Admissions at Wesley Theological Seminary or 202-885-8659.  To view the projected course schedule please visit the Center for Deacon Education.

Upcoming Courses:               

Spring 2015
Survey of the New Testament (3)
16 week format

Systematic Theology for Contemp. Church (3)
16 week format

Summer 2015
Globalization and Mission in an InterFaith World (3)
Summer Intensive format, May 14-15; June 15-17

Fall 2015
Survey of the Old Testament (3)
August 17 - December 4
Online format

History of the Christian Church (3)
August 17 - December 4


Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Beginning in 2011, Wesley Theological Seminary began a relationship with Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. Wesley offers its United Methodist Studies courses on location at PTS as part of this agreement. More information is available on the PTS website at

Union Presbyterian Seminary

Beginning in 2011, Wesley Theological Seminary began a relationship with Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. Both UPSem and WTS have agreed to allow reciprocal admission to the other seminary’s student community by offering a range of courses not otherwise available to students. In addition, Wesley will offer its United Methodist Studies courses at Union for the benefit of UM students there. More information is available on the UPSem’s website at

For more information, please contact:
Lisa McLennan, Admission Counselor
Union Presbyterian Seminary, 980-636-1662

Washington Theological Consortium

Wesley is proud to be a full member in the the Washington Theological Consortium, a group of more than a dozen seminaries and schools of theology in the greater Washington, D.C. area. The consortium affords our students a rich array of opportunities through connection with these other full member institutions: Capital Bible Seminary ● The School of Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America ● Howard University Divinity School ● John Leland Center for Theological Studies ● Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg ● The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies ● Reformed Theological Seminary ● The Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University ● Virginia Theological Seminary 

Additionally, the consortium includes the following associate and affiliated members: Cathedral College ● The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences ● InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington ● St. Paul’s College ● Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation ● Woodstock Theological Center

All M.Div. students are required to take at least one elective course (of two or more credits) at a member institution of the consortium. This course must be taught by a non-Wesley faculty member. All degree students at Wesley may take a course at one or more consortium schools during the fall and spring semesters without additional charge beyond the regular Wesley tuition rate. (Taking multiple consortium courses in the same semester must be approved by the dean.) For more information on consortium policies for Wesley students visit the catalog.

Hispanic Summer Program

Wesley has been honored to support and learn from the Hispanic Summer Program since 1995. HSP supplements and enriches the theological and ministerial education being offered in seminaries and universities, with academic courses and other activities addressing Hispanic history, ministry and theology. Founded in 1988, it strives to influence theological education to both benefit from and respond to opportunities offered by the Latina/o community, by its scholars, ministers and leaders. Dr. Sharon Ringe, Wesley’s professor of New Testament, sits on the board of directors of the Hispanic Summer Program. President David McAllister-Wilson and several of Wesley’s faculty members have attended the program "Through Hispanic Eyes" that HSP offers for non-Hispanic faculty and administrators.

Learn more about the Hispanic Summer Program

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