Carla Works Opens Second Mondays Series

Sep 13

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Thursday, September 13, 2012 1:44 PM  RssIcon


On Monday, September 10 professor Carla Works, Assistant Professor in New Testament, opened the fall lecture series with an inspiring reflection on the thoughts she would share in her "last lecture."
This is Carla's fourth year as a member of the Wesley Seminary faculty. In the broad spectrum of New Testament studies, Carla’s research interests include Pauline studies, the New Testament’s use of the Old, biblical ethics, Hellenistic Judaism, sociological studies, and theological interpretation.
Carla chose to use a card sent to her by a former student as the basis for her lecture. "At the end of my first year of teaching, I received a lovely card in the mail from one of the best students I have ever had the privilege of teaching. Among words of gratitude, the student wrote her three favorite 'Carla quotes' as she called them," Works said.

"Read the bible, people."
"We learn to love the questions, as my colleague Sharon Ringe would say. We learn to listen to other voices. We learn that the text is richer and deeper than we ever imagined. We learn that there is more to the cultural, historical, and social matrix of these sacred documents than we initially realized. Allow yourself to see the scandal of God’s grace. Go back to the Bible. Study it. Endeavor to understand it. Be challenged by it."

"It's about God."
"Hear the good news: we are all sinners, we are all powerless, we are all struggling with self-doubt, we are all captive to our fears—fears of rejection, or fears of failure, or fear of dependency--we are all afraid that someone will expose us for who we really are, we are all broken—and yet God loves us –-God wants us--anyway. This is God’s grace. God is the primary actor in the inexplicable drama."

"Be who you really are."
"You belong to Christ and Christ is God’s. You are God’s temple, God’s field, God’s building. You are saints, holy ones, Christ’s very body in the world. Everything that you have and are comes from God. You are not your own, you’ve been purchased with a price. Glorify God with your bodies. Do all for the glory of God. Be who you really are. The church can’t simply be content to take the title “saints.” Belonging to God means that you have a mission and you need one another to fulfill it.



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