Course of Study Provides Solid Theological Foundation

Jul 8

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Monday, July 8, 2013 7:54 AM  RssIcon

What goes into preparing someone to pastor a church? It’s a mixture of coursework, worship, fellowship and hands-on training -- all things Wesley excels in. Throughout this month, 150 Course of Study local pastors will fill Wesley’s campus. In their classes, these students will gain a theological foundation that will guide their church-based ministries. In their daily chapel service, they will sing, praise, preach, pray, take communion, and be renewed. During their communal meals and activities, they will experience first-hand fellowship with people from diverse backgrounds, including a group of future deacons from the Bahamas Methodist Church. During their work with their congregations and as part of their time at Wesley, these students will have numerous opportunities to put theory into practice.

Course of Study provides the educational component for United Methodist licensed local pastors, who perform all the duties of a pastor, including leading worship services, performing baptisms, and serving Holy Communion. Since 1952, COS students have come to Wesley for classes during the summer.

Recently, Wesley began offering a weekend program for part-time pastors who couldn’t take classes in two- and four-week sessions. These weekend students have many of the same components to their training as the summer participants. The weekend students participate in chapel every time they are on campus. In the last academic year, 69 students took classes in the weekend program. In January, Wesley added a certificate option to the program for laity from all denominations. The Certificate in Christian Studies requires six classes and provides a solid theological foundation for leaders of youth ministries, elder ministries, congregational care, and outreach. 


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