Professor Shaun Casey Speaks on Ethics Inside the Beltway at the First Second Mondays Lecture of 2013

Apr 13

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Saturday, April 13, 2013 11:10 AM  RssIcon


On Monday, January 14, Professor Shaun Casey gave a thought provoking presentation entitled, ”An Introduction to Christian Ethics - Inside the Beltway,” a timely and relevant discussion considering the climate in Congress and the upcoming Presidential Inauguration.

Professor Casey has served as a consultant on religious issues in several campaigns, including the first Obama for President campaign, and is a frequent commentator on the role of religion in public discourse.

“Even in The United Methodist Church we now have professors who argue that the role of the church is simply to withdraw into a haven of purity where any interaction into the public or political realm is an inherent threat to the Gospel. Sometimes professors have to defend their teaching.”

“The fastest growing demographic in the United States is the unaffiliated group.”

“When if ever is it permissible for Christians to use lethal force in the pursuit of justice? The just war ethic offers us some moral guidance and wisdom that helps us walk a very difficult and complicated path.”

To view Professor Casey’s full presentation, visit


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