The Wesley Journal

The Wesley Journal is a publication of the Wesley Theological Seminary Student Council. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to contribute articles, poems, devotions, etc. The Wesley Journal is published monthly while classes are in session, and the aptly named Wesley Weekly is published once a week.

Spring 2015 Staff

Editor in Chief
Robert Dantzler

Managing Editor
Marjorie Hurder

Design Editor
Michael Potesta

Feel free to contact the Wesley Journal staff with any questions, suggestions, or articles!

Now Hiring!

The Wesley Journal is now in the hiring process for all three positions for the Fall 2015 semester.  We are looking for talented and dedicated applicants willing to work to grow the Wesley Journal in the coming months into a sustainable publication that contributes to the weekly life of the Wesley community.

Information on each individual position can be found here.  Once learning of the position, if you feel like you are interested in applying, download an application and follow the instructions within the document.

Journal Archives

*All opinions expressed herein are those of the authors/contributors and do not represent the opinions of the Wesley Journal staff, the Student Council, WTS, its administration, or employees.*

If you are interested in researching older issues of the Wesley Journal than what are displayed here, contact Student Council with the month and year of publication or check with the Library. 

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