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Information and Resources for Current Residents


To qualify for permanent campus housing in Birch, Straughn or Carroll Residence Halls on Wesley's campus, one must be a registered Master's degree-seeking candidate and carry at least 7 hours of credit (Straughn or Carroll) or 5 hours of credit (Birch), during fall or spring semesters. Residents of Straughn must also carry at least 4 cumulative hours of credit during summer terms. Birch and Carroll residents are not required to be registered for courses during summer terms. Commuter residents are required only to be registered for one course at Wesley, which must correspond to their request for commuter housing.

Length of Rental Agreement

Residents of Straughn and Carroll typically sign a 9-month rental agreement. This agreement usually begins with the Saturday in August immediately preceding Community Life Orientation and ends the first Friday in May immediately preceding Commencement Monday (Straughn) or May 15 (Carroll). Students who elect to stay on campus through the summer terms will renew their housing and are not required to vacate between terms.

Residents of Birch sign an 11 1/2-month rental agreement which begins August 1 and lasts until the following July 15. Students who renew their housing for the following calendar year and are not required to vacate between terms.

Housing Renewal

For eligible student residents who would like to remain in housing during the summer months, the renewal period typically lasts four weeks and begins in late March or early April. During this period, students may choose to complete either the Renewal Application or the Housing Change Request form. The Renewal Application should be submitted if a student is happy with his or her housing arrangement and would like to renew for any of the four terms: Summer I, Summer II, Fall or Spring of the following school year. This renewal request would renew the exact assignment the student is currently assigned to, including room type, specific room, and roommate.

For those students who would like to make a request to their housing, the Housing Change Request form should be submitted. This form is typically submitted by students planning to wed and request family housing in Carroll, families expecting children who would like to move from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment, or students who would like to be paired with a different, specified roommate. Please note that this form is only for changes to room type or roommate. Requests for lateral changes (to switch to a different room or apartment of the same type and rate, ie a one-bedroom apartment to another one-bedroom apartment, or a single occupancy dormitory room to another single occupancy dormitory room on the other end of the hall) will be dismissed. The seminary will only make lateral changes in the event a resident must vacate his or her room or apartment due to Facility request (such as in the case of unreconcilable repair).

Graduating Students

Graduating students in Straughn may request a move-out extension until 10:00am on Commencement Monday. The seminary is not able to approve extensions beyond this time for Straughn residents due to the May Doctor of Ministry term, which begins on the day following Commencement Monday and allows for Doctor of Ministry students to check in on Commecement Monday evening.

Ready to Renew?

Please complete your Housing Renewal Form online to submit your housing plans to the Office of Housing.

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