Heal The Sick

Heal The Sick

Heal the Sick 2

Heal the Sick 2

 Seated in the nation's capital, Wesley Theological Seminary prepares more than 700 students annually, representing more than 30 denominations, to become exemplary teachers, preachers and leaders in the world today. Wesley Theological Seminary’s Heal the Sick program, located within the Institute for Community Engagement at Wesley Downtown, seeks to equip faith community member and leaders to support congregations’ development of health ministries and link such ministries with hospitals, community organizations, public health institutions, and health care providers.

The goal of the program is to reduce health disparities, create healthier lifestyles, and reduce the incidence of chronic disease and poor health, particularly in underserved communities. The program finds its roots in the success of several community-medical-religious partnerships. Key components of the program include supporting faith communities’ health ministries, providing educational opportunities, catalyzing network creation and supporting existing networks, and facilitating collaboration with community partners.

We continue to seek out opportunities to work collaboratively with others in developing strong faith and health partnerships. If you would like more information about the Heal the Sick program, please email us at theinstitute@wesleyseminary.edu  or call 202-706-6838.


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Heal the Sick Key Roles:

Equip - Prepare leaders for various roles as collaborator, listener, coordinator, and critical thinker in promoting health and healing

Support - Assist congregations' health ministries and help develop their role to discern their direction and partners

Catalyze - Initiate network creation or support existing networks among congregations, hospitals, and associations

Serve - Work as facilitator for sustaining communication and collaboration among local leaders to serve the common good

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