Why Give an Annual Gift?

A Personal Expression of Ministry
Our sustaining annual supporters are easing the financial hardship that might keep someone from attending seminary, continuing his or her studies, or accepting a call at a small or struggling church.

A Mission-Shaped Seminary
Located in Washington, D.C., we are one of the largest and the most diverse seminaries in the world. Members of just one graduating class will minister to more than half a million people. The combination of our size, theological position, international reach and location puts Wesley in a unique place to affect the church for the next generation.

A Church-Based, Global Seminary
Our graduates are in ministry in all 50 states and in 20 countries as leaders of the church and other service organizations. Wesley has come to have such an impact because of the seminary's commitment to being where God is working in the world - centered in the church.

Fostering Local and Worldwide Ministries
At Wesley, our graduates hold the promise of hundreds of ministries that stretch far into the future, which means that donors multiply the fruits of their financial contributions when they give to the seminary.

Make a Sustaining Gift Today
Annual gifts from faithful friends make a tremendous difference in the health and vitality of this seminary. Please make a donation to Wesley today that will bear fruits for generations to come.

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