Below you will find tabs to all sorts of registation related information.  If you are not yet a Wesley student please visit the Admissions page for information on admission to Wesley.

Prior to Registration

Read the Registration Instructions

It is important for you to read this information in detail before registering. The schedule in PDF form is available on the Catalog & Courses page.  There is a separate J-Term page for information about the J-Term courses.

Visit your Faculty Advisor

You are strongly encouraged to meet with your faculty advisor once per semester. Your advisor is listed on the "My Profile" page when you are logged in to WesleyWeb. During your first semester you must meet with your advisor and submit a Degree Plan Worksheet to the Registrar's Office.  Again, when a student is roughly 2/3 of the way through their degree program they will be required to meet with their advisor again and submit to the Registrar's Office an updated Degree Plan. Failure to submit these plans will result in blocked registration.

Check the status of your Student Account

As described in the Holds and Warnings tab, outstanding balances and other missing information may result in registration holds.  You can check the status of your account by checking the "My Holds and Warnings" page on WesleyWeb.

Registration Instructions


Most course registration will happen online via the WesleyWeb registration portal. Students may log in to WesleyWeb using the single sign-in feature on the MyWesley page. If you have lost your WesleyWeb login information please visit the "Need Help?" tab.


The latest edition of the schedule is located on the Course & Schedules page. The PDF files include the schedules with at-a-glance grids, the detailed schedules, and the courses that fulfill requirements toward the M.Div. degree. Students with an older computer may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the schedule.


J-Term/Spring 2015

  • October 13, 2014: Registration for J-Term/Spring 2015 opens
  • October 13-24, 2014: Limited Enrollment period for J-Term/Spring 2015
  • December 19, 2014: J-Term registration closes
  • February 6, 2015: Last day of Spring 2015 registration period.

Please see the J-Term website for more information about the J-Term semester. 

Summer/Fall 2015

  • March 9, 2015: Registration for Summer and Fall 2015 opens
  • March 9-20, 2015: Limited Enrollment period for Summer/Fall 2015
  • September 5, 2015: Last day of Fall 2015 registration period

Please see the Summer website for course drop dates and other registration policies. 

Limited Enrollment / Priority Pre-Registration


Certain courses in the Course Schedule are designated by the faculty as Limited Enrollment. Limited Enrollment Priority Registration is a two-week period at the beginning of each registration term. During this period you may request registration in a limited enrollment courses by adding yourself to the waitlist.

At the end of the two-week period, students will be sorted by the Registrar's Office according to their proximity to graduation. If the course fills, students are placed on the waitlist for the course in the same priority order. Any registrations for Limited Enrollment courses received after this 2-week period will be added to the end of the waitlist on a "first-come" basis, or registered directly into the course if there are seats available.

After Registration

After the Registration Period has ended you will be unable to make registration changes on WesleyWeb.  Thus, any changes in registration must be made in writing on a Registration Form, and late fees may be assessed. Non-attendance does not constitute a course drop. Professors take attendance and the Registrar's Office makes every effort to contact non-attending students, however, it is the your responsibilty to make registration modifications within the given deadlines and to communicate with their professors or the Registrar's Office as needed. Students who fail to attend a course will owe tuition per the pro-rated drop schedule printed in the Catalog and described above.

Registration Holds and Warnings

The following circumstances will result in a hold on your account that will prohibit you from registering:

  • If you have an outstanding balance on your student account in the Business Office.
  • If you entered in Fall 2014 or earlier and have not submitted a Degree Plan Worksheet signed by your advisor.
  • If you have an Academic or Administrative Hold placed by the Dean's Office.

You may check your holds and warnings on WesleyWeb prior to the beginning of the registration period to make sure that you are clear for registration.

Washington Theological Consortium Registration

Courses offered through the Washington Theological Consortium will be listed at http://www.washtheocon.org/. To register for a Consortium course, logon to WesleyWeb and click on the Consortium Registration link. Your registration will be processed by the Registrar's Office and you will receive an email copy of the form that Wesley's Registrar's Office sends to the host Consortium school.

Please note:  Wesley's Registrar's Office will not officially register you for your Consortium class until we receive confirmation from the host school that there is room in their class.  Thus the registration process can take several days or weeks even, depending on the schedule of the host school's Registrar's Office.

To drop a Consortium course, complete the on-line Consortium registration form again and select the "drop" option.

NOTE: Forms on the Consortium website ARE NOT for registration. You must complete the form on WesleyWeb to register for a Consortium course.

American University Cross-Registration

To register for a course offered at American University, you must complete the American University Cooperative Registration Form. AU cross registration requires permission of the Dean at Wesley and the Registrar at AU. It is your responsibility to get the appropriate permissions and return a copy of the completed form to the Registrar’s Office at both institutions.

The maximum number of credits hours that may be earned at American University is 12 credit hours in a single degree program or 18 credit hours for dual degree students at American/Wesley who are fulfilling their thesis requirement at American (15 if writing the M.T.S. paper at Wesley).

For more information on the dual degrees available with American University please refer to the Catalog.

Directed Study (Master's Students)

Master's Students wishing to undertake a Directed Study with a faculty member must submit a proposal.  Directed Study proposals should be submitted to the Dean's Office on a Directed Study Application form during the registration period. Your plan of study must be developed in consultation with a faculty member who then must sign the form before submission. The Directed Study will be added to your registration once the approved application is received by the Dean's Office.

Need Help?


Use the Registration Help Form when logged in to WesleyWeb for the following:

  • If you are blocked from registration because of pre-requisites that you have already fulfilled.
  • If you want to change the credit type of a course to AUDIT or PASS/FAIL after registering.
  • If you need faculty permission to enroll in a course. The professor must also send an email granting this permission to registrar@wesleyseminary.edu.

If you have any other problems with WesleyWeb registration.


If you have any other questions about registration using WesleyWeb, please use the Registration Help Form when you are logged in to WesleyWeb or contact us at registrar@wesleyseminary.edu or 202-885-8650. We will respond to your questions within one business day.

If you have technical problems with WesleyWeb (e.g. login/password), please submit an eSupport ticket).

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