Dean's Welcome

Greetings to all our students as we commence another adventurous Fall semester here at Wesley Theological Seminary! I am thrilled to welcome our new students as well as the many returning students. Together, we form a vibrant community of transformative learning.

Wesley’s bold approach to theological education is needed more now than ever. Our world desperately needs persons who can think theologically as they envision a ‘new creation’. Our churches clamor for spiritually gifted and capable leaders with whom they can better discern and work toward their higher calling. The ‘least’ and lost and marginalized yearn for those who will join them in solidarity, will proclaim justice to the powerful, and will welcome them into Christian communion. We need leaders who can cross barriers of division and convene radically different peoples into redemptive, life-giving communities.

To pursue your call to leadership more fully, I encourage you to plunge right in to Wesley’s community of faithful learning, follow the Spirit’s leading into self-transcendence, and let yourself be immersed baptismally in the transforming whirlwind of theological education.

New Faculty

Ryan Danker has joined the Wesley faculty as Assistant Professor of Church History and Methodist Studies. Before coming to Wesley, Dr. Danker taught Church History and Theology at Greensboro College in North Carolina for several years. He has received his ThD from Boston University and his MDiv from Duke University Divinity School. This fall he will be teaching CH-101 as well as a course about “The Rise of Evangelicalism.” We are fortunate indeed to have Professor Danker among our outstanding faculty.

New Registrar

We are also very pleased to welcome and introduce our new Registrar, Vanessa L. Terzaghi, who is returning to Wesley after working a few years at a nearby university. From late 2009 to early 2012, she was the Associate Registrar for Wesley. She comes to Wesley with significant gifts and skills, and she has already proven herself indispensable as we navigate our way into the new MDiv.

I anticipate a great year ahead. You are embarking on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t be timid; don’t hold back. Dive in! Join the choirs, engage the arts, explore the ideas, worship exuberantly, protest passionately, and pray earnestly. God is not finished with any of us yet, so allow the Spirit to work in and through your vigorous engagement.

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