Wesley Alumni & Friends

Graduates from any of the degree programs at Wesley are eligible to take any Master's level credit or non-credit course with no re-admission required! Just follow Steps 2 through 6 on the Registration Information page. Below you will find a number of the offerings typically requested by our Alumni.

Friends of Wesley are encouraged to check out the Lifelong Learners page for ways to engage in coursework at Wesley that is geared toward those with a non-theological academic background.

United Methodist Studies

Wesley offers the comprehensive series of courses required for ordination within the United Methodist Church per the 2008 Book of Discipline. This includes Old and New Testament, Theology, Church History, Evangelism, the Mission of the Church in the World, Preaching and Worship, UM Polity, UM History and UM Doctrine. These courses are routinely offered as part of Wesley's Master's curriculum. Be sure to check the Registrar's Office list of Course Schedules for more information.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Alumni and Friends who are ordained or professionally employed by their church are often required to obtain CEUs on an ongoing basis throughout their career. The same courses that are available to Wesley's degree candidates may also be taken for CEUs. For more detailed information about completing your CEU requirements at Wesley, visit the Continuing Education micro-site's general registration information page (also linked in the menu on the right). Please note: Courses taken for CEUs will not earn graduate-level credit and cannot be applied toward a Master's degree at Wesley.

Certificate in Christian Studies

Beginning in Fall 2011, Wesley will offer non-credit courses to the general public. This academic opportunity is designed for those with no previous Bachelor's degree or theological training. Courses are conveniently held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, and take place no more than once a month. Each class consists of two weekends along with pre- and post-course assignments. Students who complete six (6) such classes will receive a Certificate in Christian Studies. Admissions and registration information is available on the Certificate in Christian Studies main page. The cost per course is $350 with a $75 registration fee. Discounted tuition rates for student groups from the same congregation may be available. Course schedules will be posted on the Certificate in Christian Studies main page. Please note: Courses in the Certificate in Christian Studies program will not earn graduate-level credit.

Lewis Center for Church Leadership

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership provides clergy and professional laity training on a variety of important issues facing the modern church leader or administrator. Events, workshops, and instructional DVDs are intended to improve the leadership and administrative skills of participants across a broad range of denominations. The upcoming event calendar, registration information, and contact form can be found on the Lewis Center website.

Wesley Ministry Network

Wesley Ministry Network (WMN) strengthens the ministries of churches around the world by offering adult educational materials that make accessible the best of contemporary Christian scholarship. Its DVD-based courses address a variety of issues, including the relationship between religion and science and why Christianity makes sense in the 21st century.  Courses are designed for small groups but are also appropriate for pastors seeking self-study opportunities. WMN now offers many of its courses online, in partnership with the Institute for Discipleship. WMN also recently released courses on Methodist history, doctrine, and evangelism for use in pastor training. More information about courses can be found on the WMN website and information about online courses can be found at the Be A Disciple site.

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