Community Life at Wesley Seminary

Community Life at Wesley Seminary

What's happening in and around your community at Wesley Seminary

Our Shared Life Together...

My days as public school teacher taught me that I wasn't the only teacher of the students. Teaching in suburban schools with inner city issues taught me the importance of the teamwork of education. We needed everybody to teach: the secretary, guidance counselor, custodian, maintenance personnel, bus drivers and the cafeteria workers to educate our children. Even now, many of our schools must endure the same kind of educational environment, where all in the school and the community work together to create an environment for education that promotes learning in our children... Read more here! 

Community Life Events

March 12 & 17, during lunch and dinner- K106

Information or Transformation? The Role of Research in Theological Education

Theological education is often oriented toward reading and reflection. What role does research play, however? This discussion will address the place of theological research in ministerial formation and lifelong theological education, and will consider essential research strategies (whether using library resources or the internet) to help navigate information-saturated world. 




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