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Information for current students in the Doctor of Ministry Program at Wesley!

Below you will find helpful information as you move through your DMin program at Wesley Theological Seminary.  Please click on the drop down menu to see the information.  Registration and Reading lists will be updated on a rolling schedule as new information is available.

If you are a prospective DMin student, please click here for application and track information.


Registration and Reading Lists for January

Registration for January Term is open from September 1 - September 30 on Wesleyweb under "DMN January 2015" To register  you must have a working Wesley student ID. If you have trouble logging on, send an email to describing the nature of the issue.

Select the class you are registering for using the course numbers below.  Reading lists for these courses are available by clicking the highlighted course number and printing/ viewing the pdf document. Faculty can be e-mailed by clicking their name.

Readings lists are posted when the course number is dark purple. Updates will occur as lists are received.

2015 January Term Reading Lists at Wesley

Courses offered January 5 - 9, 2015
DM-A602  Arts and Art Ministries - Dr. Deborah Sokolove

DM-C602  Current Theory and Best Practices in Soul Care - Dr. Michael Koppel

DM-L606 Trinity, Incarnation, and Church Leadership - Dr. Robert Martin

DM-T609 Creating Sacred Space; Shaping and Empowering Ministries - Dr. John Runkle

DM-L607 Person and Role of Church Leader - Dr. Lovett Weems and Dr. Sonnenday Vogel

DM-900A  Project Seminar for Military Chaplains Track - Dr. Lew Parks


Course offered January 12-16, 2015

DM-A605 Drama and Ministry - Lisa Cole Smith

DM-C601  Foundations and New Directions for Soul Care - Dr. Beverly Mitchell

DM-L608 All for the Sake of the Gospel: Paul’s Mission and Ministry- Dr. Carla Works

DM-T602 Exodus, Covenant, Exile: Formation & Transformation of God's People - Dr. Bruce Birch

DM-M606 Pastoral Care for Warriors and their Families - Dr. Michael Koppel

DM-900B  Project Seminar for Leadership Track - Dr. Lew Parks

Global Asian Track G | January 12-16, 2015

DM-G610-A  Theology - Dr. Josiah Young

DM-G613-A Faces of Jesus - Dr. Sathianathan Clarke

Global Asian Track H | January 19-23, 2015

DM-G610-B  Theology - Dr. Josiah Young

DM-G613-B Faces of Jesus - Dr. Sathianathan Clarke

Wesley, Mission, and Evangelism for the Nashville Episcopal Area

DM-N601 Wesleyan Theology for Mission and Evangelism - Dr. M. Douglas Meeks
January 12-16, 2015 meets at Scarritt-Bennett, Nashville, TN

DM-N602  Assessing the Neighborhood for Mission and Evangelism - Dr. Phil Schroeder with Dr. Lovett Weems
January 19-23, 2015 meets at Scarritt-Bennett, Nashville, TN

DM-N603 Exemplary Leaders Seminar (OL) - Dr. Lovett Weems
This course begins with the completion of the LPLI in the fall of 2014. Please see the syllabus for instructions.

Upcoming Tracks:

Church Leadership Excellence -- May 2015

Military Chaplaincy -- May 2015

Faith and Health -- May 2015

Cambridge: Transformative Leadership in Wesleyan Perspective -- December 2015 


Spring On-line Electives

February 2 - March 13, 2015 (registration open now)


DM-1005 OL Cultivating Eloquence: Mid-Career Assessment of Rhetorical Skills for Improvement with Dr. Christian Lundberg, Asst. Professor of Rhetoric and Cultural Studies, UNC, Chapel Hill  (click on bio here)

This course provides a platform for reflection on and honing the rhetorical skills of pastors in the mid-course of their calling, both in preaching and in the workplace more generally.  Because mid-career pastors already have extensive experience in preaching, teaching and leading, this course will provide an in-depth look at the theory, practice, and traditions of rhetoric to provide a platform for improving the pastor's present rhetorical skill.  Students will not only read, write and discuss, but also preach and receive group feedback on their preaching.

DM-900D Project Seminar with Lewis Parks, DMin Director, Wesley Theological Seminary

This course will equip the DMin student to identify a DMin project, develop a plan of research and execution for that project, and delineate a constructive theological component to the project.  The final outcome of the course is a project proposal that is sent to the DMin Committee for approval and assignment of a faculty reader.  The faculty reader will oversee the writing of the student's project paper.
On-line segment: Tuesday mornings 8am - 9:30am synchronous format; Feb 3, 10, 17, 24, Mar 3, Mar 10. Students must be available during these dates and times to participate in the course.

March 16 - April 24, 2015 (registration will open in February)

DM-1010 OL Ministry to LGBT Constituents in the Context of your Denomination and Congregation with Valeria Leyva, Associate Prof and Field Education Coordinator, CA State University

As the UMC and other denominations address the theological issues related to same sec marriage and ordination of lesbian/gay clergy, more and more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) individuals are opening up to family members and congregations about sexual orientation or gender identity. This course will provide informed pastoral care to LGBT members and families.  This course will provide specific skills and techniques for ministry with LGBT individuals and families, including issues regarding the "coming out" process, couples counseling, and other salient questions of providing care with LGBT congregation and community members.
This course requires use of several sychonous collaborate sessions via Blackboard dates TBD


Registration and Reading Lists for May/June

Registration for the May 2015 DMin term will be open in March 2015.  Below you will find a tentaive list of courses.  These are subject to change depending on faculty availablity. The letters in ( ) designate the cohort letter.

2015 May Term Tentative Course List

Courses offered May 12-15, 2015
DM-L601 Leadership (J)  Effective and Visionary Leadership - Dr. Lovett Weems

DM-A601 Arts (E) Theological Aesthetics - Dr. Kendall Soulen

DM- L606 Leadership (I) The Tone of the Church - Dr. Michael Koppel

DM-900A Life Together (F) Project Seminary - Dr. Lew Parks

DM-M602 Military Chaplains   Chaplaincy on the Line - Drs McAllister-Wilson and Bradfield


Courses offered May 18-22, 2015
DM-L602 Leadership (J)  Contemporary Issues in Ecclesiology - Dr. Josiah Young

DM-C605 Soul Care (D) Grounded in the Living Word - Hopkins and Koppel

DM- L603 Leadership (I) Leading Congregational Outreach and Growth in a Pluralistic Culture - Dr. F. Douglas Powe, Jr.

DM-T607 Life Together (F) Spiritual Practices for Ministerial and Congregational Transformation - Dr. Bruce Epperly

DM-M602 Military Chaplains  Past, Present and Future of Miliatary Chaplaincy - Dr. Brinsfield, Jr.

Global Asian in Washington, DC  | June 22-26 and June 29 - July 3, 2015

DM-900C  Project Seminar - Dr. Lewis Parks


On-line Fall Electives

Registration for Fall Electives will open in May. Reading lists for these courses are below. Click on the course title to pull up the reading list.  Faculty can be e-mailed by clicking their name.

2015 Fall Electives coming soon updated January 8 2015




Registration and Reading Lists for Cambridge

Special Elective Opportunities

Download flier here


DM-965  Alabama Civil Rights Study Trip*  (Dr. C. Anthony Hunt)

Dates: August 2-7, 2015

DM-966  Independent Study: Civil Rights History Study Trip* (Dr. C. Anthony Hunt)

* Booklists coming soon!

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