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Wesley Receives Award for Longstanding Support of Hispanic Summer Program

Dec 11 2013

The Hispanic Summer Program has presented Wesley with an award to recognize the seminary’s 18 years of support. HSP supplements and enriches the theological and ministerial education being offered in seminaries and universities, with academic courses and other activities addressing Hispanic history, ministry and theology. Founded in 1988, it strives to influence theological education to both benefit from and respond to opportunities offered by the Latina/o community, by its scholars, ministers and leaders.

Dr. Sharon Ringe, Wesley’s professor of New Testament, sits on the board of directors of the Hispanic Summer Program. President David McAllister-Wilson and several of Wesley’s faculty members have attended the program "Through Hispanic Eyes" that HSP offers for non-Hispanic faculty and administrators.

“The Hispanic Summer Program brings together Latino and Latina seminary students and faculty to study, worship and celebrate together,” says Ringe. “The experience of comunidad and of doing their seminary work with colleagues who understand and share their context is an experience not available at Wesley or most other seminaries, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal alike. By supporting the HSP, we have been able to join with other institutions to establish this program, and to sustain it for the past 20 years and now into the future.”

Learn more about the Hispanic Summer Program.

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