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Go Into All the World…

Jun 04 2012

One-hundred-forty-six men and women will receive their diplomas today. They come from across the country and from eight nations. Many of the 2012 Masters candidates came to seminary just as Wesley opened our new presence at Mount Vernon Square, and this is the first graduating class of Urban Fellows and members of the intentional living community. These students were pioneers who helped us learn how to live out the promise of a seminary in the nation’s capital.

While still in seminary, many of these students were engaged in Haitian relief efforts, Katrina rebuilding projects, and helped to develop programs to end childhood homelessness in Washington, D.C. The leaders of this class have determined how to be prophetic and gracious, faithful and adventurous, hardworking and joyful. They will be leaders of missional churches and agents of the reign of God in the world. Some of these candidates receive their degrees in abstentia because they are now serving in mission around the world.

We pray that our graduates have found this institution to be a means of grace, that you have learned to love God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, and that you leave here prepared to love God with all your strength. We are proud of you and hope that in the years to come you will be proud to be graduates of Wesley Theological Seminary. Many years ago, you came to Wesley, and now, the week before Mother’s Day, we become your “Alma Mater,” which means “nourishing mother.” Now that you are leaving, don’t forget to call your mother often.

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