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Start changing the world your first semester

Aug 02 2011

Spiritual Formation for the Practice of Ministry, a required first year course at Wesley, used to be called “Covenant Discipleship” and has been a part of the Masters of Divinity program at Wesley for many years. There are several components to the class. One component breaks two class sections into small groups of five to eight students that come together to write a covenant addressing how their cohort will learn the spiritual disciplines that they will take with them into ministry.  As Wesley Faculty member Sam Marullo put it, “Students hold each other accountable in love, not judgment.”

Then, once a week, students will make a trip down to Wesley’s Mount Vernon Square location in the heart of downtown DC to learn compassion, justice, worship and devotion in the context of the continually changing Chinatown neighborhood in the heart of the city. This will include standard classroom lectures, but also a meal and worship together once per month at one of our partner churches, including Mount Vernon Place United Methodist and Asbury United Methodist. 

The most exciting addition to the new Mount Vernon Square Spiritual Formation class is that small groups will also select a service project to complete during their first semester at Wesley from a list of church-based and other faith-based non-profit ministries. These projects, designed to get students out into the community and into practicing service might including face-to-face opportunities serving breakfast or lunch at a local soup kitchen, hands-on activities like stocking food pantry shelves or putting together food packages or projects that churches and non-profits would love to do like putting together a website or creating marketing brochures for their programs, but just don’t have time for in their normal scheme of operations.

It’s an opportunity to make a difference in the local Mount Vernon Square community that will have a tremendous impact on the churches, non-profits and other organizations that make up the social safety net in downtown Washington, DC.

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