By Lyndon Orinion on Monday, July 29, 2013 3:19 PM

On Monday, July 15, Dr. Shaun Casey, Wesley Theological Seminary’s professor of Christian ethics, began his new duties as the special advisor to the Secretary of State for faith-based community initiatives. Casey remains an important member of Wesley’s faculty and will return to his regular position at the conclusion of this assignment.  

By Lyndon Orinion on Monday, July 8, 2013 7:55 AM
In 2006, Wesley launched the Spiritual Leadership for the Global Church: Asian Track Doctor of Ministry degree with a goal of providing leaders for the church and theological schools in Asian countries. The Methodist Theological University in Seoul Korea partnered with Wesley’s leadership to develop the intensive curriculum for this practical degree.

“We in this country use the mantra of becoming a global church all too glibly,” said Dr. Lew Parks, director of Wesley’s Doctor of Ministry program. “The students of the Global Asian tracks put muscle into the expression. Their project questions have obvious drama. How do you minister creatively and with limited resources in an environment where 97% of the population is of another world religion, such as in India?  What kind of training will equip lay leaders for ministry in the remote regions of Nepal where there is a dearth of formally trained clergy? How can seminary students in Indonesia be formed for cooperation across tribal culture differences? And...
By Lyndon Orinion on Monday, July 8, 2013 7:54 AM
What goes into preparing someone to pastor a church? It’s a mixture of coursework, worship, fellowship and hands-on training -- all things Wesley excels in. Throughout this month, 150 Course of Study local pastors will fill Wesley’s campus. In their classes, these students will gain a theological foundation that will guide their church-based ministries. In their daily chapel service, they will sing, praise, preach, pray, take communion, and be renewed. During their communal meals and activities, they will experience first-hand fellowship with people from diverse backgrounds, including a group of future deacons from the Bahamas Methodist Church. During their work with their congregations and as part of their time at Wesley, these students will have numerous opportunities to put theory into practice.

Course of Study provides the educational component for United Methodist licensed local pastors, who perform all the duties of a pastor, including leading worship services, performing baptisms, and serving Holy...
By Lyndon Orinion on Monday, July 8, 2013 7:54 AM
Wesley Theological Seminary at Mount Vernon Square has leveraged outside resources to attract two young leaders for short-term projects. Last month, Elijah McDavid and Robert Stewart began their work helping MVS achieve its mission – at no cost to the seminary thanks to their sponsoring programs.

McDavid is a religion major in his junior year at Morehouse College in Atlanta. He is a licensed minister in the Baptist Church and serves as president of the 103-year-old Morehouse College Glee Club. He’s also the chapel assistant at the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse.

This summer as an urban ministry intern at Mount Vernon Square, McDavid will work within the Heal the Sick program. Already, he’s helped organize the curriculum for the new certificate programs and worked on the program’s communications.

McDavid came to Wesley by way of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship, an intensive program for high-achieving African-American...
By Lyndon Orinion on Monday, July 8, 2013 7:53 AM
Beginning September 16, the Rev. Dr. Denise Honeycutt will serve as the interim deputy general secretary of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, a disaster relief and development organization. She graduated from Wesley with her Doctor of Ministry degree in 2007 and currently serves as pastor of St. Matthews United Methodist Church in Annandale, Virginia. Previously, she served as a missionary and worked for The United Methodist Church’s Southeastern Jurisdiction and Virginia Annual Conference.

 “When I was in college I put an index card on my mirror with the word ‘yes,’ which represented my stance in life toward God.” This openness, she said, freed her to be available for how God will use her.

We invite our graduates and friends to hold Denise in prayer as she enters this new ministry. For people and communities in crisis, UMCOR is a visible presence of Christ’s love. 

** Used with permission, this article by Melissa Hinnen, director of content and public information for the United...
By Lyndon Orinion on Monday, July 8, 2013 7:51 AM
Almost a year ago to the day, the Wesley Board of Governors, students and friends broke ground on a new residence hall. Next month, 76 students will move in and make it their new home.

We added a number of details in the building design to foster fellowship and strengthen the community ties among students. The four floors of living space each include a shared lounge and a kitchen. The building also features a chapel, space for individual and small-group study, and meeting rooms. We’ve also constructed an open-air courtyard.

Beyond the community-sustaining features of the new dorm, Wesley has ensured the building is environmentally sustaining. All of the building’s power comes from wind-generated electricity. All of the cleaning supplies are green products, and separate containers for trash and recycles are provided on each floor.

Our older residence halls remain useful and occupied. Birch Hall at Mt. Vernon Square remains a place for lasting connection and learning as our downtown intentional...

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