Wesley Downtown works to engage in strategic partnerships that enable us to advance our research and education activities so that they may better contribute to God's transforming work in the world.  We strive to adhere to a practical theology grounded in scripture, and support staff and students seeking to partner with particular churches, ministries, or other faith-based organizations.

Local Partnerships

Asbury UMC - Asbury United Methodist Church will invite, receive, teach and send people into the world to make disciples and to be the church, in the name of Jesus Christ.


Mount Vernon Place UMC - Our mission is Serving, Growing and Believing. We aim to be an authentic community that is serving the needs of our city as well as one another. Our vision is to become part of God's efforts to transform our city, our world and ourselves.


Downtown Cluster of Congregations- Wesley is a member institution of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations. The Downtown Cluster is a non-profit, ecumenical association founded in 1972 for the purpose of cooperatively meeting pressing human service needs in the District of Columbia.


Maryland-DC Campus Compact - The MDCCC is a membership association of college and university presidents and their institutions committed to promoting engaged citizenship as an aim of higher education. The MDCCC provides statewide leadership in advocating, supporting, and increasing student involvement in academic and co-curricular based public service.


Sidley Austin LLP - Sidley Austin LLP is a global law firm with 19 offices worldwide. Sidley's Washington DC office partners with Wesley at MVS to provide pro bono legal services to support the Heal the Sick Program.


Service-Learning Partners- Several local congregations and community organizations have opened their doors to become learning sites for Spritual Formation for Ministry (MM-102) students. Ministry with these partners help deepen classroom learning objectives as students are being formed for ministry.

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